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New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor

With its vibrant and colorful lighting, TP-879 New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor can create an immersive environment that energizes the guests and adds a sense of excitement and fun to the setting of the event.

  • Stunning Effects
  • Saturated Colors
  • Durable and Solid Material
  • Convenient Remote Control

Trendy Effects of TP-879 New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor

TP-879 New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor Solid Colors

Solid Colors

It can create a visually stunning effect. The colors of the tiles can be varied and intense, making them stand out and adding vibrancy to the surrounding area.
TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor Starlit Effects

Starlit Effects

The sparkle dance floor that display the starlight effect gives a touch of charm and glamour to any kinds of occasions, creating an remarkable and unique visual experience for all attendees.
TP-879 New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor Mix RGB Effect

Mix RGB Effects

The TP-879 contains embedded LEDs that can be programmed to display various of colors. The blending of these colors produces a stunning assortment of hues, creating a sense of depth and dimension.

Application Field of TP-879 New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor

Most commonly, TP-879 New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor are used for parties, weddings, banquets, bars, and nightclubs, where they add the ambiance to the event. Their customizable lighting effects allow them to create an ambiance that complements the mood and theme of any event, making them a popular choice for event planners and rental companies.

Beneficial Features of TP-879 New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor

Dance Floor Panel

LED dance floor ABS case

Superior Dance Floor Case

TP-879 New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor is made of high-quality ABS plastic case, it can withstand the wear and tear caused by heavy using, making it ideal for event rental businesses.
strong load capacity of dance floor

Durable Dance Floor Surface

A dance floor panel constructed using tempered glass that is 10mm in thickness which is highly polished, creating a flat surface that is ideal for dancing. It is wear-resistant and durable.
magnetic design of New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor

18 Magnets for Better Connection

Having 18 magnets in the dance floor tile provides a stronger and more secure connection between tiles, makes the tiles easier to install, saving much time and effort.

Dance Floor Parts

high-quality LED source

High-quality LEDs

TOP DANCE selects the best LED source with long life span, with an average of 50,000 hours. It can withstand the heavy use and require less maintenance over time. And it is energy-efficient and power saving.
LED dance floor cable

Customizable Cable

TOP DANCE provide durable cable to ensure the long time use and the stable connection between the dance floor, controller and the power supply. The cable length of LED dance flooring can be customized according to specific installation needs and site constraints.

Dance Floor edging

The dance floor edge make with sturdy construction material which is durable and long lasting. It enhances the safety and security of the dance floor.

How to Control the the Dance Floor?

TOP DANCE provide an extra remote for the controlling of the dance floor. With the ability to control the LED dance floor wirelessly, you can focus on the event itself and not have to worry about spending time on switching the effects.

Is Setting Up the LED Dance Floor Easy for the Users?

Installing a magnetic dance floor is an easy process with no needs for any tools or materials. Because the magnetic system, the dance floor setting can be quite easy. You can connect each panel in one second. Check the whole process of dance floor installing from the video.

Details of the Dance Floor Packing

TOP DANCE LED dance floors are packaged in sturdy flight case that provide exceptional protection during transportation and handling. These cases are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation and ensure that the LED dance floors arrive at their destination in excellent condition.
led dance floor packaging (2)
Flight Case Packing for LED Dance Floor


“The interactive dance floor is in well-designed, beautiful appearance and wonderful effect.”

“Highly recommended product! My guests are enjoy dancing with the interactive effect.”

“Reliable dance floor supplier, nice quality.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Have All the Cable in One Line?

Yes, You can hide all the cable under the edges and come out from one place.

Can It Be Used To Lift Cars In The Square?

Yes, the bottom material of floor tiles is ABS and the surface material is tempered glass.It’s very strong. A floor tile can withstand a weight of 400-500kg, which can be used in auto shows.

Does This Dance Floor Have Any Warranty?

Yes, we have 3 year warranty for the dance floor. During the warranty, if the dance floor has any problems, you could send me photos and videos to us. And i will send to our engineers to check what is the problems and help you to solve it. Then we will send you spare parts to replace the broken parts for free.

How Much LEDs Are There in Every Square ?

One panel has 64 led lights.

What Is the Voltage of the Power Supply?

One power supply is 1000w. About the voltage, we can make according to your country.
Does this software work for windows and Mac both?
(No,our software only work for windows computer

Are We Able to Do Different Sizes?

Yes, of course. Could you please let me know what sizes do you want to make? And Do they need to be used at the same time? So i could calculate all the accessories for you.

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