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Black and White Dance Floor

Want to make your party memorable, enjoyable, and engaging for all the attendees? Here is a brand new element that can contribute to making a party awesome!


  • Classic and Elegant Appearance
  • Wireless Installation Method
  • Create Wonderful Atmosphere
  • Easy to Maintain

Merits of TP-880 Black and White Dance Floor

Dance Floor Tiles

Acrylic Surface

The surface of the dance floor made with acrylic panels is very glossy, which gives a high-end and upscale impression at first glance.

Durable Material

The acrylic dance floor panel can withstand a heavy weight impact and scratch, and it is ideal for large amount of people dancing on it.

Safe to Use

Although the surface of the acrylic panel looks smooth and glossy, it is still relatively safe to dance on it. Dance floor edge is provided, not easy to slip or fall.

Two colors for selection

You have the option to choose between two colors – black and white – which offers you greater flexibility to customize your event.

Application Fields of TP-880 Black and White Dance Floor

TP-880 Pure White Dance Floor Panel (2)


This dance floor is often used in weddings. Pure white dance floor tiles make the whole wedding scene set up looks simple and atmospheric. Many planners also splice the black dance floor tiles and white dance floor tiles together to form a checkered dance floor, making the visual effect look more layered.
TP-880 Pure White Dance Floor Panel (4)


Some banquet halls will be paved with 880 black and white dance floor to provide a special place for the people who set up the banquet to dance and socialize, presenting an even better banquet hall layout.
Solid Dance Floor Panel


Many of our clients use TP-880 black and white dance floor tiles as an element of their party set-up, allowing guests to dance on the shiny dance floor and make the party fun and full of joy.

Easy Maintenance and Installation of TP-880 Black Dance Floor


The acrylic surface makes cleaning the dance floor effortless. All it takes is a simple cloth to wipe it clean.


This dance floor is wireless splicing, just need to put two floor tiles together, no need to connect any lines, very convenient and fast.

Better Packing Choice for TP-880 Black Dance Floor


If the permanent installation does not require frequent change of installation location, you can directly choose carton packaging.
Carton Packing for LED Dance Floor

Flight Case

If you are engaged in the event rental industry, flight case is more suitable for you. With wheels, it is not only easy to store but also easy to transport.
Flight Case Packing for LED Dance Floor

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