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Battery 3D Infnity Dance Floor

Do you want to create a magical experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests? To set up this battery 3D infinity dance floor for your event, with a faster and easier installation without any wire to connect.


  • 4 Hours Full Charge, 12 Hours Using
  • One-second Magnetic Splicing
  • 3D infinity effect
  • Easy to Install

Multiple LED Dance Floor Effects: Enhancing Visual Appeal

3d led dance floor

Solid Colors

There are seven colors that can be displayed on the dance floor, including yellow, red, green, blue, purple, pink and white. It can ehnhance the vesatility and the visual effects of the whole layout of the venue and fit the style of the theme of the event.


Mix RGB Effects

This effect is a powerful for creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere for the event. When the effect is activated, the dance floor becomes a energetic zone, as the RGB colors blend and create a range of different hues and shades.

3D infinity dance floor in a nightclub

3D Infinity Effect

It is a visual stunning effects that can creates the illusion of a never-ending space, which makes the venue look awesome. To combine the lights, mirrors, and special effects to create a dynamic and immersive dance experience that is both visually stunning and engaging.

What Kind of Occasion Can the TP-B877 Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor Be Used?

With professional dance floor design, the TP-B877 battery 3D Infinity dance floor is popular among the event rental business. This 3D infinity Led dance floor can be use in many occasions like night clubs, weddings, concerts, corporate events, products launches etc. The stunning visual effects on the light up floors can make the whole venue look fancy. Some of our customers rental it for the auto show. As a part of the venue decor, this infinity dance floor creates an eye-catching decor for the venue, making the car more appealing and immersive experience for the attendees.

3D infinity dance floor in a nightclub
Mix RGB effect of 3D LED dance floor on dj event
led-dance-floor-for-auto-show (2)

Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor: No Wire in the whole Installation Process

It’s super easy to install a whole set of Infinity dance floor by yourself, because there is no need to connect any wire when installing this kind of battery magnet dance floor. The dance floor panel is connected by magnetic system, it can achieve one-second installation of each panel. No matter how big the size of the dance floor is, you can complete the whole setting in a short time. For those who rental dance floor business, it can save their time and labor cost on the installation of the dance floor.

TP-B877 Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor: Easy-to-Control LED Dance Floor

How to control this lit up Infinity dance floor? Is it easy for effects switching? These questions won’t be a problem for any dance floor of TOP DANCE. The TP-B877 Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor can be controlled in multiple ways, including DMX control, remote control and computer control. With the built-in controller in the edge, the Infinity dance floor can obtain the signal and switch effects quickly.

Exploring the Benefits of TP-B877 Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor Panel

Dance Floor Panel

TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor Size

Enhancing Using Experience with the Right Panel Size

The size of the TP-B877 Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor 50×50 cm and the weight of it 8.5 kilograms and its thickness is 7cm. It’s ultra light allows the easier handling and installation, to save more time and labor costs.

strong load capacity of dance floor

Durable and Safe Infinity Dance Floor with Great Load Bearing Capacity

The load capacity of each dance floor panel is 500-600kg. We choose the best quality tempered glass which is 10mm thick for each panel, which promises the dance floor can safely support the weight of people, even the vehicles or other loads.

How Long Can this Infinity Dance Floor Use after Charging?

With the built-in battery in each panel, which can stand for long time using. The dance floor can use for more than 8 hours after a 4 hours charging. You can set up for a dancing party and dance on it all night long.

Dance Floor Parts


What’s Special for Your Infinity Dance Floor Edge Design?

With the built in controller in the edge, there is no need to connect the dance floor to an extra controller. You can save more time on the controller setting and splicing up.
LEDs with Longevity

How Long Can LEDs Be Used?

TOP DANCE choose the high quality LED sources which life hours up to 50000 hours, to provide wonderful brightness for the light up floor. Also, the brightness level can be adjusted to suit the your specific needs of the event or venue

mainboard of magnetic dance floor

Is the Infinity Dance Floor Easy to Maintain ?

To help the dance floor stands for long time use, TOP DANCE technician take the maintenance into consideration. The mainboard is at the bottom and the magnets is on the side which can be directly remove when it need to be replaced.

Maximize Your Purchasing Experiece by Partnering with a Reliable LED Dance Floor Supplier

TOP DANCE always keeps up with the latest trends and technologies in the LED dance floor industry. All of our dance floors are certificated and have patents. Considering the sustainability, the battery magnetic dance floors are power saving products. TOP DANCE always on its way to make better dance floor products.

RoHS-Certificate-of-TOP-dance-LED-dance-floor (1)

With more than 10 years of wireless dance floor manufacturing, TOP DANCE keep on developing its technology on dance floor products. To ensure each types of dance floor meet the highest standard quality. Moreover, all of the LED dance floor should pass the rigorous testing and inspection before deliver.

Testing-Area (2)

Details About Packing

To better protect the dance floor from damaging during the delivery, TOP DANCE use flight case for LED dance floor packing. It’s more convenient for customers use the flight case when moving the products from one place to another.

Except for flight case packing, we can also provide cartons for packing. If you seldom change the location of the dance floor, carton packing is suitable for you.

To confirm more details of our LED dance floor and accessories packaging from the picture.

Flight Case Packing
carton packing for dance floor

To Get the 3D Infinity Dance Floors in Our Overseas Warehouse

To provide more efficient and convenient service for customers, we set up a warehouse in Belgium and Los Angeles. TOP DANCE will regularly send the LED dance floor to the oversea warehouses. With products storing in the warehouse. It’s more convenient for customer who wants to purchase the dance floor with time limiting schedule.
Overseas warehouse


“Stunning visual experience! Nice choice for the party!”

“Great collaboration, TOP DANCE is a reliable partner.”

“Control the Infinity dance floor with the remote, quite convenient!”

“With 4 hours charging, we danced on it all night.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we ensure the security of our purchase of the dance floor?

You have the option to choose Alibaba Trade Assurance (TA), which provides secure payment protection to ensure that your payment reaches the supplier safely. TA has developed a Transaction Center that helps you track and reconcile the flow of funds. Additionally, TA supervises the delivery process, and Alibaba will not release the funds until the supplier completes the delivery.

What are the sizes of each flight case?

The small flight case measures 58x63x73cm, and the big flight case measures 107x52x65cm.

Is there edging available for the floor?

Yes, we provide edging to create a complete dance floor. Here are the edges for your reference. Please check them.

If people are dancing vigorously, will the magnets detach?

No, the magnets will not detach. Our technicians have taken this into account during the design process, and a buckle has been added to the magnet part to ensure that the floor tiles remain securely connected during use. Through extensive testing and customer feedback, it has been confirmed that the tiles will not separate during use.

What is the weight of one panel? How about the weight of a full flight case?

Each panel weighs 8.5kg, and a full flight case weighs 99.6kg.

Can the panels be in white color?

Yes, we offer two colors for the dance floor surface: black and white. Both colors are available at the same price. Please let us know your preference.

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