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Battery Digital Dance Floor

The revolutionary battery magnetic dance floor is taking the dance floor industry by storm. With advanced built-in battery and magnetic technology and cutting-edge design, this digital dance floor is unlike any dance floor you’ve ever seen before. This illuminated dance floor could be the centerpiece for the event and can create a focal point for guests to gather together to enjoy dancing or socializing.


  • Advanced Tablet Control Method
  • One-second Magnetic Splicing
  • Customizable Lighting Effects
  • 4 Hours Full Charge, 12 Hours Use

Numerous Effects of TP-B878 Battery Digital Dance Floor

wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (2)

Pattern Effects

TP-B878 can display abundant amout of patterns like heart shape, star, rainbow etc. on the lit up dance floor panel. It is also capable for you to design their own patterns and animations. You can customize the patterns to create a personalized experience for your guests. The great brightness and the saturated color will make your effect lively.
wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (4)

Text Effects

If you want to type words on the dance floor, the TP-B878 can fulfill what you needs. You can type the words on the program and display it on the lit up floor. This effects is widely use in different events like birthday party and wedding, to display words like “I Love You” “Happy Birthday”etc.
TP-B878 Battery Digital Dance Floor Edge with built

Starlit Effects

The amazing effects that display on the lit up dance floor will definitely create a focal point of your event. The sparkly dance floor can attract people’s attention and enhance the romantic or elegant ambiance. This is a especially hit effects for wedding.
pattern effect of pixel dance floor at a party

Mix RGB Effects

Whether it’s a pulsating beat or a slow, romantic melody, the mix RGB effect can adapt to the ambiance and create an unforgettable impression on guests. With the the amazing color changing right beneath the feet, you and the guests will experience the amazing dancing ever before.

What’s the Application Field of LED Dance Floor?

This battery digital dance floor can be use in weddings, different kinds of parties like birthday party, graduation party, dance party, etc., celebration events. corporate events, ceremony, exhibition etc. Moreover, some of our customers use it for different kinds of event rental. This products enjoy a great reputation for different kinds of events.

Unpacking the Design of the Perfect Digtal Dance Floor?

Dance Floor Panel

LED Dance floor chassis and tempered glass panels

What Is the Material of the Battery Digital Dance Floor Tile?

We choose the best dance floor material, 10mm tempered glass on the surface, solid ABS plastic as the case. Both of these material are specially processed to be stronger and more resistant and less likely to crack or shatter.

Pixel Dance Floor TP-878

The Featherweight Design of TP-B878 Battery Digital Dance Floor

It is light in weight and small in size, making it easy for you to move and operate. Its weight is 8.5 kilograms and its thickness is 7 centimeters. The size of the TP-B878 digital dance floor is 50×50 cm, which allows for easy assembly and disassembly.
strong load capacity of dance floor

The Powerful Load Capacity of TP-878 Battery Digital Dance Floor

The strength and stability of the dance floor is very important because it requires a large number of people to dance on it. TP-B878 digital dance floor has a solid structure and good stability, and can withstand large pressures and weights.

Dance Floor Parts


How Long Can the Dance Floor Last After Recharging?

The TP-B878 digital dance floor with built-in battery inside. It can make the dance floor more flexible, eliminating the need to always connect power, and can be moved to any location without worrying about power cord limitations.

Is there Any Dance Floor Edge of the Dance floor?

The dance floor edges have an anti-slippery edge design so that users can sense the position of the edges while dancing, thereby avoiding accidental touching or falling.
LEDs with Longevity

The Durability Features of TP-B878 Digital Dance Floor

The dance floor panels of TP-B878 is of can withstand the tear and wear of constant use with its great design. Compared to traditional lighting systems, LED lighting systems can save more energy and have a longer service life. LED sources of TP-B878 offer 50000 hours service life.

Is It Easy for Users to Operate TP-B878 Battery Digital Dance Floor?

The TP-B878 battery digital dance floor can be controlled by DMX, computer, tablet and remote. You can choose the control way that suitable for your event. The tablet control is not only convenient for the control but also a device to design the effects with a program. What’s more, you can simply use a remote to switch the effects, speed up and down, or even display the strobe effect. No matter its outdoor or indoor, the remote control method can eliminate the limitation of the venue. And the signal is available within 50 meters.

Is the Installation of an Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Difficult?

The TP-B878 is a dance floor which is equipped with the magnetic system and allows for easy installation. It is not need to connect each panel with wire, the signal and power will pass from the magnets. To assemble and disassemble the dance floor panel does not need any special tool. It will save more time and labor costs with this magnetic system.

Flight Case: Ensuring Safe, Transport and Storage

The flight case is made of strong and solid materials, which can secure and protect the goods, and facilitate handling and loading and unloading. To use flight case for packing can improve transportation efficiency and better products security.
Carton is also available. It depend on customers requirements.


  • Accessories Case
  • 2pcs in one carton, 8pcs in one flight case
Flight Case Packing
carton packing for dance floor

Do You Have Any Warehouses that Stock TP-B878 Digital Dance Floor?

TOP DANCE overseas warehouses are located in Los Angeles and Belgium, enabling faster delivery of goods to the your hands and shortening delivery times. You can purchase goods from overseas warehouses and you do not need to pay the high cost of cross-border transportation, so you can obtain lower freight costs.
Overseas warehouse


“Super easy and time saving installation. “

“Punctual delivery and good quality. “

“Amazing pattern effects, well-designed products.”

“Good products for the party. TOP DANCE is a good supplier.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Software Come with the Dance Floor or Do You Send Me Separately?

Yes, after you purchased our dance floor, we will send you the software for free and we will send you a video to show you how to make new programs or you could let me help you make new programs.

Can I Use Tablet on Mirror Dance Floor?

No, tablet is only for magnet pixel dance floor. Because mirror dance floor is very easy and convenient to control by remote and controller. You could use remote to change program effects and different colors.

How Can I Program Effects And Words?

We have tablet to control the dance floor and it is very easy and convenient. You could use the tablet to choose the programs effects and type words online directly during your different events.

How Many Designs?

Usually we save 29 effect programs into the SD card before shipment. If you want more designs, you could play by our software on your computer and your computer need to be window system. We will send you a video to show you how to make it.

If People Dance a Lot on The Magnetic Dance Floor, Will the Magnet Loosen?

Of course not, no worry about this. Our engineers have considered this problem before. So we have made some improvement for the magnet connection. Every panel has a small lock to make sure the dance floor will not be separated. This is a video for many people dancing on the dance floor.

How Thick of Those Panels?

For one pieces panel thickness is 5.3cm

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