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How to Choose a Professional LED Dance Floor Manufacturer?

May 13, 2023 | Product Guides

Whether you are in the event rental industry, an event planner, or simply a party enthusiast, if you are seeking to collaborate with a trustworthy LED dance floor manufacturer, you may be looking for a set of top-quality LED dance floors that are easy to install, convenient to maintain, and have reliable after-sales support. In this article, we will provide you with detailed guidance on how to identify a professional LED dance floor manufacturer, so that you can avoid making mistakes on purchasing and save your money.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right LED Dance Floor Manufacturer?

If you are an importer or have experience in importing products, you know that the quality of the product, the using experience, and the after-sales service are critical factors in determining the success of your purchase. This is especially true for LED dance floor, where good quality determines the product’s service life, ease of operation determines the user experience, and after-sales service determines the ability to resolve any issues encountered later on. These factors are essential to ensuring a successful purchase, and if any part of the process fails, the purchase will be considered a failure.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable and professional LED dance floor manufacturer. A reliable LED dance floor manufacturer can ensure the quality of the product, user-friendly installation and operation, and provide reliable after-sales service, giving you timely technical support when you need it most.

How to Distinguish Whether a Company Is a Professional in LED Dance Floor Manufacturer?

Here, we show you three tips to help you distinguish if this company is a professional LED dance floor manufacturer.

1.Confirm if They Have Their Own Factory

First, you need to determine whether the company is a LED dance floor factory or just a middleman. When you contact the supplier, you can request a live video call to see their production line and factory. If they are unable to do so, it suggests that they only do selling and do not have their own production. If you contact a supplier who only sells LED dance floors without their own factory, it indicates that they may not have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the product. This means that they may not have a corresponding technical team or staff to provide technical support when you need it. This can lead to a poor user experience in the future.
Production Line

2.Confirm if Their Social Media Sites Are All About the LED Dance Floor

If the LED dance floor manufacturer you contacted does not publish content primarily about LED dance floors on their social media platforms, it may suggest that they have limited expertise in this area. If they rarely or never conduct live broadcasts related to LED dance floors or if their live broadcasts do not showcase production scenes or factory operations, it may indicate that their personnel lack deep knowledge and understanding of LED dance floors. Consequently, they may not be able to present their production line and production links professionally, which could affect the quality of their products and customer satisfaction.

3.Confirm That Their Website Content Is Primarily About the LED Dance Floor

If a company specializes in LED dance floors manufacturing, then their niche is solely LED dance floors. As such, there should be a significant amount of content about LED dance floors on their website. The company’s positioning should be precise, with a clear and comprehensive product category and a detailed introduction to the factory production line. They should also have a track record of regular product technology innovation, as well as precise and detailed product descriptions.

Why TOP DANCE Is the Most Trustworthy Professional Dance Floor Manufacturer for You?

In this section, we will provide a comprehensive information of all the aspects you care about and explain why TOP DANCE is your most trusted LED dance floor manufacturer.

1.Most Advanced and Latest Technology of the Industry

Advanced Battery Technology

TOP DANCE boasts the most advanced battery technology that outshines all other LED dance floor companies. We developed the world’s first battery magnetic LED dance floor. Our unique design integrates the battery into the dance floor and places the controller on the edge, resulting in a completely wireless installation. The battery can be charged for 4 hours and offers up to 12 hours of use. Moreover, the dance floor panel has been newly upgraded to display the remaining charge. If the event lasts longer than 12 hours, you can continue to use the dance floor by replacing it with a corded edge that can be connected to a power source.

Innovative Tablet Control

TOP DANCE provides a cutting-edge approach to controlling the LED dance floor. You won’t need to worry about wiring for control since it’s wireless, making it very convenient to switch effects whenever and wherever you want. This method is the ideal choice for bringing your creative visions to life. With tablet control, you can effortlessly create and customize the effects you wish to showcase on the dance floor, as well as design the appearance and arrangement of any text or patterns through a program.

Developed Case Design

TOP DANCE offers the latest and most advanced case design of the industry, which includes an improved mainboard placement. This upgraded design allows for easier maintenance as the case is located at the bottom of the case, eliminating the need to disassemble the other parts inside the case replace the mainboard. This makes it possible for users to perform maintenance tasks without the need for specialized tools or technical expertise.

Evolved Magnet Design

TOP DANCE’s LED Dance Floor has been recently upgraded with round magnets, offering 18 magnets in each dance floor tile. This is six more magnets than what other suppliers offer, resulting in a more secure connection between floor tiles. Our special protective design prevents the magnet from corroding, which can cause rust in case of liquid leakage. This ensures that our LED Dance Floor is both durable and reliable for long-term use.
Latest Dance Floor Technology

2.Advanced Equipment and Proven Technology

In addition to our cutting-edge dance floor technology, TOP DANCE also boasts specialized production facilities. Our company possesses dedicated engraving machines, and we are the only LED dance floor manufacturer that owns our own engraving machines.
Also, our team of professional and skilled personnel is trained in the operation of the engraving machines, ensuring that each customized dance floor is produced with precision and accuracy. This unique capability enables us to provide customized services to our customers and manufacture products according to their specific requirements, which ensures the quality of our products, streamlines the production cycle, and guarantees on-time delivery.

3.Organized Production and Testing Environment

TOP DANCE owns a factory occupying an area of 3200 square meters, equipped with exhibition halls, production lines, and warehouses. There are 20 production lines managed by skilled workers who oversee every process of production. TOP DANCE also has a 1000 square meters testing area, which is specially set up to test the quality of the dance floor, each of our panels sold will go through layers of quality testing procedures to ensure quality. We take the responsibility of delivering the best quality LED dance floor to our customers. What is certain is that we are proud to say that except TOP DANCE, no LED dance floor manufacturer can do this yet.
Testing Area

4.Professional and Top-Notch Team

TOP DANCE has dedicated department with clear job responsibilities, including an R&D department, a quality inspection department, a sales department, and an after-sales service department. Each department focuses on its respective duties, but they also collaborate with each other to constantly make breakthroughs and strive to create the best LED dance floor products and provide the most accurate services for our customers.

Research and Development Department

TOP DANCE has a dedicated R&D department that focuses on product development and updates. Each year, the department conducts market research and makes individual improvements and optimizations to the products. To simplify the installation process for customers, the department developed a magnet LED dance floor, and to achieve a completely wireless installation, they also developed a battery-powered magnet dance floor.
R&D team
In order to provide customers with better control over the LED dance floor and more flexible effects presentation, the R&D department updated the flat panel control method. Additionally, they carried out innovations in panel and chassis design to facilitate post-maintenance. Currently, they are working diligently on research and studies to achieve even better product design.

Sales Department

TOP DANCE senior sales team, with deep knowledge of the industry, has an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the LED dance floor, and can provide any solution you want to provide a comprehensive solution related to the LED dance floor.

We provide 24-hour online communication to answer all the questions you want to know about LED dance floor, any concerns related to LED dance floor. Whether you are a connoisseur who knows a lot about LED dance floor and wants to know about our latest models, or you are new to a product like LED dance floor, we will be able to give you the most detailed and comprehensive answers with the greatest care.

After-sales Department

TOP DANCE has an expert after-sales team with extensive knowledge about the LED dance floor and provides 24/7 service. We offer technical support services that you can access anytime and anywhere. In case you face any dance floor-related issues at the event venue, you can contact us right away, and our after-sales team will promptly resolve the problem for you.
after-sales service

5.Superior Material and Quality

TOP DANCE conducts multiple rounds of raw material selection and carries out over three quality tests on each dance floor material to ensure that only the highest quality materials are used in production.

ABS Plastic Case

TOP DANCE choose high-quality abs plastic chassis, lighter weight, stronger load-bearing strength, can withstand multiple people dancing and stepping on it, will not be deformed and broken easily.
ABS plastic case

Power Supply

Previously, a customer purchased a LED dance floor from another manufacturer, which provided a low-quality power supply. When a malfunction occurred, the entire set of dance floor tiles was damaged, resulting in serious losses. However, if you choose TOP DANCE’s dance floor, this situation will not occur. We choose power supplies from well-known enterprises with better quality and insurance devices. When a circuit fault occurs, this power supply can ensure the normal operation of other dance floors without circuit faults, and will not be damaged due to short circuits.

Our power supply is also equipped with a heat sink system to prevent damage and ensure durability. As electricity flows, heat is generated, and without a heat sink system, the power supply can easily become damaged and lose its durability.
Power Supply

10mm Tempered Glass Panel

TOP DANCE has selected 10mm tempered glass as the dance floor tile panel because it is more robust and can withstand heavier loads. We have intentionally avoided selecting thinner materials such as 5mm to ensure the dance floor’s practicality. Our goal is to not only provide an aesthetically pleasing dance floor but also one that is durable and practical.
Tempered Glass Surface

6.Oversea Warehouse

TOP DANCE has established warehouses in Los Angeles, USA, and Belgium for the convenience of our customers in picking up their orders. In addition to the convenience factor, customers can save money on taxes and shipping costs by choosing to pick up their orders from these warehouses. Moreover, they do not have to worry about dealing with complicated paperwork, making the entire process more streamlined and hassle-free.
LA Warehouse

We are confident that none of the other LED dance floor suppliers cannot match the above points. If you can find a manufacturer that is more professional than TOP DANCE in all the aspects described above, our LED dance floor will be sold to you at half price.

If you have any questions about LED dance floors or would like to know about LED dance floor solutions, please feel free to contact us.


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