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Quinceañera Decor Set

Design Your Own Quinceanera Decor With TOP DANCE

TOP DANCE offers superb quinceañera decoration packages for a brand-new and unique visual experience, unparalleled lighting setups make your quinceañera decorations one-of-a-kind. If you are a planner for quinceañera events, the TOP DANCE quinceañera package will undoubtedly make your planning top-notch. Elegant and dynamic lighting effects, romantic and beautiful stage equipment make the entire event setup unique.

Money-saving Options

Opting for complete product bundles provides considerable savings and reduces expenses, eliminating cost on extra shipping fees and additional custom fees.

Hassle-free Support

Benefit from comprehensive technical support and 24/7 after-sales service for every item in TOP DANCE quinceanera decor package, providing you with convenience and peace of mind.

Highly Customizable Sets

Customize your product choices with our adaptable packages, crafted to accommodate the specific needs and financial limitations of your projects.

Popular Quinceañera Decor Sets

Providing sets tailored for quinceañera celebrations, personalize your unique solution to forge an unparalleled experience!
Quinceanera Decor Sets 1
Customer Identity: Event Organization Business
Country: USA
Product List:

  • TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor (16x16ft)
  • P3.91 LED Screen (2x2m)
  • DJ Booth x1 set
  • 230w Beam Light x6pcs
  • Uplight x 8pcs
  • Truss x 4sets
  • LED Light Up Letter x10pcs
  • Pixel Dance Floor TP-878

    TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor

    • Quick Assembly: Effortless one-second panel splicing.
    • Vivid Effects: Support text and pattern effects customizable.
    • Control: Remote operation for convenience.
    • Maintenance: Removable components for easy maintain.
    • Customization: Size can be adjusted to suit needs.
    • Load Support: 500-600 kg capacity.
    P3.91 LED display

    P3.91 LED Display

    • High Definition for clear visual display
    • Smooth visuals at 3840 Hz refresh rate.
    • Visual Appeal: Captivating and otherworldly effects.
    • User-Friendly: Easy-to-navigate controls.
    Stage truss


    • Sturdy Framework: Reliable support for screens
    • Modular Design: Easy to assemble and disassemble.
    • Suitable for a wide range of events and setups.
    • Designed to safely support heavy equipment.
    DJ Booth (1)

    DJ Booth

    • Optimized Design: Crafted specifically for any events.
    • Straightforward setup
    • Designed for easy transportation with wheels
    • Modern and user-friendly controls
    wireless uplights 1 (3)


    • Hassle-free setup without tangled wires.
    • Multiple color settings for ambiance creation.
    • Built for long-lasting performance in various conditions.
    • Support Easy Control: DMX, Remote, Sound activation, App control
    LED Light Up Letters (2)

    LED Light Up Letter

    • Letters and numbers are available for personalized
    • LED lighting for clear visibility in various lighting conditions.
    • Energy Efficient: Uses less power for longer durations.
    • Installation: Simple setup for immediate impact.
    wireless uplights 1 (3)

    230w Beam Light

    • High-output illumination.
    • Flexible Movement: 540°horizontal, 270°vertical rotation.
    • Multi-Effects: 14 colors, atomization, pattern, prism.
    • DMX512 compatibility for precise adjustments.
    Quinceanera Decor Sets 2
    Customer Identity: DJ Events
    Country: USA
    Product List:

    • TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor (16x16ft)
    • 230w Beam Light x6pcs
    • Uplight x 8pcs
    • LED Light Up Letter x2pcs
    3D-LED-Dance-Floor-TP-877 (2)

    TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor

    • Quick-connect system: allows fast and efficient setup
    • vibrant RGB color changes and 3D illusions
    • Can be tailored in size to fit specific venue
    • Built to withstand up to 600 kg
    LED Light Up Letters (2)

    LED Light Up Letter

    • Custom letters for names, messages, or themes
    • Quick and easy to set up
    • Adding a focal point to any events or venues
    • Bright and Clear with RGB colors display
    LED Furniture (3)

    230w Beam Light

    • Superior Longevity
    • Full 540°horizontal and 270°vertical rotation
    • Wide range of colors, gobo patterns, and prism effects
    • Seamlessly integrates with DMX512
    wireless uplights 1 (3)

    Wireless Uplight

    • Offers an extensive palette of colors
    • Various installation:Upright, flat or mounted on trusses
    • Rechargeable for long battery running time
    • Enable quick changes to settings and effects
    Quinceanera Decor Sets 3
    Customer Identity: Event Rental Business
    Country: USA
    Product List:

    • TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor (16x16ft)
    • LED Screen (3X2m)
    • 230w Beam Light x6pcs
    • Uplight x 8pcs
    • LED Light Up Letter x7pcs
    • Sparkle Machine x 4pcs
    • Truss x 4 sets
    3D Star Dance Floor TP-877B

    TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor

    • Dazzling 3D starlight effects
    • Support with a 600 kg load capacity
    • Snap-together panels for quick installation
    • Flexible sizing options to fit various spaces
    P3.91 LED display

    LED Screen

    • Ultra-Clear Display with high-definition
    • Seamless Visual effects
    • Wide Viewing Angles
    • Super Long 2-year Warranty
    LED Furniture (3)

    230w Beam Light

    • Easily controlled through DMX512
    • Offers 540°horizontal and 270°vertical rotation
    • Multiple colors, gobos, and prism options
    • Super Long 1-year Warranty
    wireless uplights 1 (3)

    Wireless Uplight

    • Placement flexibility without the mess of wires
    • Built for longevity with energy-saving LEDs
    • Simple controls: DMX512, sound, App, remote
    • Easy Transportation and Storage
    LED Light Up Letters (2)

    LED Light Up Letter

    • Customizable: Spell out names, messages, or themes
    • High-brightness LEDs ensure the letters stand out
    • Designed for ease of setup and versatility
    • Superior quality and energy-efficient LEDs
    Sparkle Machine (4)

    Sparkle Machine

    • Support for remote & DMX control
    • Creates stunning cold spark effects
    • Safe for indoor use, no harmful smoke
    • Heat up rapidly for immediate use.
    Stage truss


    • Strong and stable framework
    • Easily assembled to fit various event scales
    • Designed to support heavy loads
    • Safe and Reliable
    Quinceanera Decor Sets 4
    Customer Identity: Event Rental Business
    Country: USA
    Product List:

  • TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor (20x20ft)
  • 230w Beam Light x6pcs
  • Uplight x 8pcs
  • Dry Ice Machine x 1pcs
  • Pixel Dance Floor TP-878

    TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor

    • Easy, fast assembly with modular tiles.
    • Customizable shapes and sizes for any venue.
    • Design-able stunning Text and Pattern effects
    • Stable light up and safe for energetic dancing
    wireless uplights 1 (3)

    230w Beam Light

    • Powerful, sharp light beam with extensive color range.
    • 540°horizontal and 270°vertical dynamic movement
    • Variety of gobo and prism effects for creative lighting.
    • Ideal for highlighting and dramatic stage effects.
    wireless uplights 1 (3)


    • Cordless, battery-powered for flexible placement.
    • RGBW color mixing for a broad spectrum of hues.
    • Support remote, app, DMX control.
    • Perfect for setting mood and theme at events.
    LED Light Up Letters (4)

    Dry Ice Machine

    • Produces thick, low-lying fog for atmospheric effects.
    • Quick fog generation with adjustable output
    • Safe, non-toxic, and odorless,
    • Create mysterious or romantic ambiance

    Create Your Perfect Party Decor Sets

    Tailor your own party package to perfectly match your event’s requirements and financial plans. Gain access to a curated selection of must-have items designed to amplify your party’s vibe. Select the ideal combination to bring your envisioned celebration to life.

    Recent Projects

    LED dance floor Party Decor Sets (3)

    Event Planner

    “The magic of the quinceañera was brought to life thanks to your exquisite decor set, featuring the ethereal glow of the TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor, the captivating ambiance created by the Uplights, 230w Beam Lights. Every detail contributed to an atmosphere of wonder and joy, leaving our guests spellbound. Your dedication to quality and excellence making the celebration a cherished memory for our honored guest and her family.”

    Party Organizer

    “A quinceañera is a milestone event, and your decor set, especially the TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor and the atmospheric effects of the Uplights, transformed the venue into a dreamy landscape that exceeded every expectation. The Sparkle Machine added a touch of magic, dazzling everyone present. Your team’s dedication to providing outstanding service and innovative solutions is commendable. “
    quinceanera dance floor

    Event Designer

    “Transforming a traditional quinceañera into a dazzling spectacle was made possible by your innovative LED dance floor, LED screen and mesmerizing dry ice machine, alongside the enchanting LED Light Up Letters. The seamless integration of technology and decor created a visually stunning narrative that captivated every attendee. “

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