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How to Replace the Battery of Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Easily?

Jul 14, 2023 | Company News

Being one of TOP DANCE’s best-selling products, the battery magnetic dance floor has been highly welcomed by customers since its introduction. Upon receiving inquiries from customers, we have noticed that there are some concerns and uncertainties regarding the battery technology of the battery magnetic dance floor, specifically related to its durability and the possibility of battery replacement after the end of its lifespan.

Our client reached out to us with inquiries regarding the ease of battery replacement for the battery magnetic dance floor before placing an order. They expressed a genuine concern about the battery quality and the maintenance process. Upon providing detailed information about the battery replacement process to the client, our sales team and technical personnel reassured the client about the technical reliability of our battery dance floor. As a result, the client placed an order with us.

The performance and reliability of the battery directly affect the seamless operation and uninterrupted enjoyment of the dance floor.

Therefore, in order to address the customer’s concerns about the battery aspect of our battery magnetic dance floor product, we have prepared a more detailed article to provide comprehensive information and resolve any doubts they may have. In this article, we will explore how to easily maintain the battery to ensure the smooth and stable operation of the battery magnetic dance floor in various types of events, avoiding any unexpected interruptions due to battery issues. Additionally, we will share tips on extending battery life and address common battery-related problems.
battery magnetic dance floor

The Simple Method to Replace the Battery

Tools Needed:

Knife, screwdriver and the new battery

Detailed Process:

1.Begin by removing all of the screws located at the bottom of the dance floor mat using a screwdriver.
2.Next, utilize a knife to assist in removing the bottom shell.
3.Use the screwdriver to carefully remove the screw that secures the battery in place.
4.Disconnect the cable that is connected to the battery pack.
5.Connect the new battery to the designated area.
6.Reconnect the cable to the new battery.
7.Secure the battery in place by reinserting and tightening the screws.
8.Place the bottom shell back in position.
9.Secure the bottom shell by reattaching and tightening the screws.
10.Finally, turn on the switch and verify that the dance floor tiles light up properly.

The entire process takes less than five minutes, making it incredibly simple and user-friendly. It does not require professional technical personnel and can be easily completed by anyone.

Daily Maintenance:

In addition to replacing the battery when it fails, it is also important to maintain the battery magnetic dance floor on a regular basis to extend the battery’s lifespan.

Ensure Appropriate Charging:

Our battery magnetic dance floor offers two charging methods: direct charging through the edge with a cable and charging through an flight case. Avoid using any other unsuitable charging methods as they may damage the battery. For more detailed information on charging, please refer to the article “How to Recharge the Battery Magnetic Dance Floor?”

Better to Avoid Overcharging:

Our recommended charging duration is 4 hours. Check the battery indicator on the led flooring tiles to determine if the battery needs charging. If the battery is depleted, proceed with the charging process. Once the flight case is fully charged, the indicator light will change. It is important to disconnect the power promptly after the battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging.

Pay Attention to Store Environment:

To better extend the battery’s lifespan, it is ideal to provide a suitable storage environment. Excessive humidity can also affect the battery’s lifespan. It is advisable to store the battery magnetic dance floor in the aviation case.

Regular Inspections:

If the battery magnetic dance floor is used for rental purposes, it is recommended to perform regular cleaning and inspections after extended periods of use. Check all components to ensure they are functioning properly.


As one of the core technologies in the battery magnetic dance floor, the battery is a crucial concern for our customers. Based on the previous information, it is evident that battery replacement is extremely simple due to the cutting-edge dance floor technology of TOP DANCE.

Through proper maintenance, we can extend the battery’s lifespan, improve the reliability of the equipment, and ensure that participants can enjoy a safe and seamless dance floor experience. By following the guidance provided in this article and taking appropriate measures to maintain the battery, the long-term use and optimal performance of the magnetic dance floor can be guaranteed.


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