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Research & Development

TOP DANCE R&D: Staying ahead of the industry by constantly exploring new technologies

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TOP DANCE has a R&D team that responsible for developing new and innovative dance floors, improving existing dance floor products, and researching new technologies and materials to enhance the quality and performance of the dance floors.

To meet the changing need of the market, the R&D team will do the market research regularly through meeting new customers in the exhibition and collect customer feedback to create and test new dance floors. Also, the R&D team always focuses on the new trend of technology that can be incorporated in the design of the dance floors, and regularly upgrade the dance floor parts, design and material to ensure that the new dance floor products are durable, safe, and comfortable for users.

Moreover, the team also focus on the standard of the quality control and testing, to ensure that all of our dance floors can meet the high standard for quality, performance and using experience.

Dedicating to Research and Development Initiative of LED Dance Floor

In-depth Industry Analysis

TOP DANCE has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, and has the competence to lead the trends of the industry. We never stop collecting needs of customers and the market, keep on products upgrading to meet the challenges, provide solutions and customization works on LED dance floor that required by customers.

Strong R&D infrastructure

TOP DANCE is committed to dance floor innovation, has a strong culture of creativity and collaboration between marketing, sales, and operations departments and invests significant resources into exploring new ideas and technologies, to ensure that new product development takes into account customer needs and can be effectively brought to market.

Reliable R&D Team

Industry Expertise

Advanced Technology

Innovative Spirit


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TOP Dance Offering LED dance floors for purchase ONLY,and not provide rental service. Feel free to contact us for more information of LED dance floor, and be happy to assist you.

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