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Can I Install Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floor Panels Together or Separately?

Jun 9, 2023 | Product Guides

As one of our most popular products, our Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floor(877A) is used by our customers in a wide variety of events. It is a favorite for all types of event settings. Many of our customers are in the event rental industry and their feedback on this product has been positive. They use this product to create a visual center for the entire event, the most fascinating focus, everyone who attended the event will not forget the event when the light up floors.

At the beginning, we sell frosted dance floor, and infinity mirror dance floor, these two products are very hot selling products with the amazing saturated and bright colors, when customers enter our website or view our video, will be very surprised by the beautiful effect, very much like. This is why our lit dance floor has always been very popular with our customers.

To Splice the Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floor Panels Together to Form a Checkerboard Dance Floor

Checkerboard dance floor has been a very popular type of dance floor module, and there are many customers who prefer black and white dance floors spliced together to form a checkerboard style.
checkerboard dance floor
And now TOP DANCE has created new possibilities for the entire checkerboard dance floor with our frosted and wireless mirrored dance floor. Our frosted dance floor and wireless mirrored dance floor can be used together, and this combination creates the LED dance floor version of the checkerboard dance floor!

The rgb led floor light staggered changes, the effect of switching, color conversion, a change from the previous pure black and white checkerboard dance floor style, sweeping away the dull vibe, so that the whole venue becomes full of life, so the participants feel very relaxed and chill.
Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floor

Can I Install Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floor Panels Together or Separately?

Can I Install Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floor Panels Together or Separately? When many customers ask us this question, our answer is: of course! Definitely Yes. Our technology makes this idea a reality.

Some customers ask us whether the frosted and infinity mirror dance floor spliced together will be incompatible and affect the installation?
TOP DANCE frosted dance floor tiles and infinity mirror dance floor tiles are attached by magnets. Each dance floor panel comes with magnets, and a gentle pushing motion is all that is needed to put two dance floors together in less than a second when installing them.

Although the two dance floors present a different effect, but the technology contained, and the way they connect is exactly the same. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to worry about this problem, the effect of showing is completely unaffected.

Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floor (2)

Moreover, it is very easy to use these two products together, because they can achieve many effects, but you can control it with the simple wireless control method – remote control. You can easily switch effects through achieve control of the entire dance floor.

Purchase a Set of Frosted and Infinite Mirror Dance Floor to Achieve 3 Uses

When it comes to the display of effects, investing in this dance floor offers exceptional cost-effectiveness. With just one set of dance floor, you can achieve three different uses.

First, you can just splice the wireless mirror model, put them together one by one, and that’s when you get a complete 3D LED dance floor. The full coverage of the 3d illusion effect makes your event instantly different, this vision is unprecedented. This is also an effect original to TOP DANCE.
Infinity Mirror Dance Floor
This kind of splicing is very popular for some dance parties, graduation parties, all-night parties, dj events, nightclub bars and other occasions. Party lovers, who think this effect is very cool, attending a dance floor paved with this kind of dance floor tiles, can make them look especially good in chatting with friends as well as social networking

Second, you can install only frosted dance floors. It is also known as rgb LED dance floor, because its RGB color is very dazzling and unforgettable, imagine you step on such a colorful floor dance, how exciting and happy thing it is. Simply installing a frosted dance floor at the event site, the colorful dance floor lighting coming through from the dance floor tiles will instantly light up your venue.
Frosted Dance Floor
If you have such a set of dance floor, you do not need to bother about your venue lighting scenery, because this one colorful lighting will not let you down.

Third, you can splice the frosted dance floor and the infinity mirror dance floor together.

If you splice the two dance floors together, you can create a more layered is a visual effect. Because of the frosted dance floor tiles, the 3D illusion effect of the infinite mirrored models will deepen, leaving people in a visual illusion which is cool and fabulous.

Light up Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floors Make Your Event Rock

Frosted and infinity mirrored dance floors are used in a wide range of situations that you can’t even imagine. It has incredible versatility.

Amazing Effects of the Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floor

This dance floor combines the captivating effects of a 3D LED dance floor and a frosted dance floor. With over seven colors rotating back and forth, it creates a mesmerizing starlight effect. Additionally, it offers fast and precise brightness adjustment, effect acceleration and deceleration control, delivering an unparalleled visual spectacle that will leave you amazed.

Application Field of Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floor

Just to take parties for example, graduation party, birthday party, proposal party, dance party, Halloween party, Christmas party, and so on. The effects of this dance floor creates the desired atmosphere with stunning effects.
Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floor (3)

Moreover, our research indicates that this dance floor product caters to the aesthetic preferences of all age groups due to its customizable effects. The dynamic frequency effects are a hit among young individuals who dance to the beats at DJ events, while the sleek and sophisticated solid color effect complements wedding settings flawlessly.

Get a Set of Frosted and Infinity Mirror Dance Floor from TOP DACNE

TOP DANCE provides a diverse selection of LED dance floors, catering to the realization of creative event setups. We are committed to continuous innovation, whether it involves reinventing classic dance floors or embracing the latest trends in creative inspiration.

You can place your trust in our cutting-edge dance floor technology, featuring the industry’s most advanced magnet splicing technology. This revolutionary innovation has made waves throughout the industry, establishing our position at the forefront. Rest assured, our commitment to pushing boundaries and advancing technology remains unwavering.

If you want to experience three kinds of splicing mode, just purchase a set of frosted and infinity mirror dance floor so that you can make it happen.
TOP DANCE provides you with different inspiration of splicing the dance floor panel. Contact us now for more inspired solution.

Get a quote now and make your creative idea come true with TOP DANCE LED dance floor.


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