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Stage Dance Floor

The stage dance floor is designed to enhance the visual impact of the performance by creating a stunning backdrop that complements the lighting design and adds depth and dimension to the stage. It is a revolutionary product that adds color to the entire stage lighting so that the overall tone of this stage can constantly change and adapt to the specific needs of the stage performance.

Merits of Stage Dance Floor

High-quality Dance Floor Parts

We carefully chooses great materials for its stage dance floor, and conducts thorough research and testing in the process. The base layer of the dance floor is utilizing ABS plastic for its sturdy and long-lasting qualities, which also provide shock-absorption. Meanwhile, the surface layer is made of tempered glass, offering excellent load-bearing capabilities and enhanced safety .

Professional Dance Floor Design

The stage dance floor design process of TOP DANCE is a meticulous, where both the design of the floor and related accessories take into account the unique features of the stage environment. The objective is to guarantee the safety of use, durability, effectiveness, and suitability for various types of performances.

Hassle-free to set up

The stage dance floor is a crucial element in the overall stage setup. TOP DANCE offers a magnetic dance floor with an advanced magnet system that enables quick installation between the panels. This innovative feature significantly reduces the time and effort required for stage floor lighting arrangement and installation.

Flight Case Packing

The packaging method of the stage dance floor is advantageous for rental companies as it allows the floor to be rented out for various stage activities. The use of flight case as a packaging solution not only provides better protection for the product but also facilitates easy handling between different venues.

Top-selling Stage Dance Floor

TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor
The TP-878 pixel dance floor is well-liked as a stage dance floor due to its assortment of pattern effects and vibrant colors. Its features, such as the pulsing pattern effect and gradient color, make for a lively and visually engaging performance, whether it is a dance or vocal performance. This dynamic visual display enhances the overall experience of the audience.
Stage LED Dance Floor (2)

Pattern Effects

The pattern effect of TP-878 can be specially designed for the theme of the stage or the content of the performance. If the stage performance is a love song, then a heart shape with a beating or strobing pattern can be designed to present the theme of the performance.
Stage LED Dance Floor (4)

Mix RGB Effect

The Mix RGB effect is also very stunning, this is the reason why customers like to choose TP-878 as the stage dance floor. Because most of the stage effects are rich in layers, Mix RGB effect can that full of dynamic and colorful feels can perfectly meet the needs of this performance, enriching the visual experience of the audience.
Side and bottom of 3D LED Dance Floor mat
The TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor is a popular product for stage performances, particularly for bands. The stunning 3D infinity effects create a visual illusion of a depth dimension on the dance floor, which will create a cool and captivating ambiance on the stage. Also it will leave a deep impression for the audience.
Stage LED Dance Floor (3)

Checkerboard LED Dance Floor

Combining frosted and mirrored panels in a stitching pattern can enhance the overall visual appeal and create a richer look. By mixing and matching the two panel types, it adds variation to the design and prevents a monotonous look. The frosted panels can also create a depth effect and enhance the illusion of the mirror dance floor panels, resulting in a visually stimulating and attractive stage.
Stage LED Dance Floor (1)

3D Infinity Effects

The 3D infinity effect makes the overall design of the stage look high-class, allowing the audience to better focus on the stage, on the performance, on each performer that performing on the lit up floor tiles. The color can be changed and provide more possibilities to the stage performance, but also to make the visual effect richer.

How to Operate the Dance Floor with in Simple Way?

The operation method of the stage dance floor is various. You can choose the suitable method that suit for your venue. Also, we provide remote control and tablet control, which is no need for wire connection. The signal is stable and can easily switch the effects of the dance floor.

Is It Possible to Install the Banquet Dance Floor by Oneself?

The installation of every dance floor from TOP DANCE is simple. We have advanced technology of magnetic connection system, which means the dance floor is connected by magnets. It saves more time and labor for the installation of dance floors.

Projects of Stage Dance Floor

Stage LED Dance Floor (3)

A Event Rental Company Set Up TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor for Band Performance

This company is one of our customers from the USA. Last month, they rent this 3D LED dance floor for a band performance. They spliced the frosted and mirror dance floor panel together to form a checkerboard LED dance floor. Infuse liveliness into the entire setting to create a more complex and multifaceted picture. The vibrant hues bring a youthful energy and enhance the liveliness of the space.

Stage LED Dance Floor (5)

The Pattern Effects of TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor Made the Stage In LA Rock

This case is from a client that specialize in event rental business. He and his friend were able to fully install the stage dance floor tiles using the installation guidelines provided by us. They told us that the installation process was quicker than previous floor tiles that had wires. Installing this magnetic pixel dance floor also saved them time for other stage equipment setup.

Why Choose TOP DANCE Wedding LED Dance Floors?

LED dance floor is the latest way of wedding layout, which makes the wedding unique and can present a dazzling effect. The lit up dance floor will provide a special dancing area for the guest to dance and band performance.

With more than 10 years of experience, Top Dance is a professional manufacturer of LED dance floors, which provide various types of high quality level LED dance floors. The wedding dance floors are one of the most hot selling products, which stand out for the 30 kinds of starlight effects. Customers who are specialized in event renting especially wedding entertainment companies bought wedding dance floors with gorgeous starlight effect from us. We have created various types of weddings, creating exclusive and wonderful weddings for customers around the world.

FAQs of Stage Dance Floor

How Long Does A Stage Dance Floor Last?

The lifespan of a stage dance floor varies. It depends on various factors such as the quality of materials used, frequency of use, maintenance, and storage conditions. TOP DANCE always provides dance floor product that made of hight quality, can stand for heavy use and easy to miantain.

Can Stage Dance Floors Be Used For Other Purposes?

Yes, TOP DANCE stage dance floor can also be used for many kinds of events like weddings, birthday parties, dance parties, dj events, shows, exhibitions and so on.

How long does it take to install a stage dance floor?

The time takes to install the stage dance floor depends on the size of the dance floor. However, TOP DANCE magnetic connection system, it can save more time on dance floor installing, which means the event planner can spend more time on the setup of other equipment.

Can Stage Dance Floors Be Portable?

Yes, our stage dance floors are portable. When the performance is over, you can disassemble the dance floor and put it in the flight case.

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