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Starlight Dance Floor

Comprehensive breathtaking Starlight Dance Floor for sale, to create a mesmerizing event atmosphere.

We Sell the Best LED Dance Floors to Customers Worldwide

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Merits of Starlight Dance Floor

Visual Aesthetics

The Starlight Dance Floor is a popular choice for events, as the shining starry sky illuminates the ground, creating an enchanting ambiance. The shimmering dance floor panels captivate attention, adding a touch of magic to any occasion.

Diverse Selections

TOP DANCE provides a diverse selection of LED starlight dance floors for you to choose from, making the stars shine on your event floor. We cater to your preferences, whether you prefer a classic or modern style, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

Wireless Operate

Experience the unprecedented wireless remote control like never before. No matter where you are in the event venue, effortlessly control the dance floor. Seamlessly transition between colors and effortlessly adjust the brightness according to your preferences.

Fast Installation

You can find the easily installing LED starlight dance floors. With just one second, the panels can be seamlessly connected, offering an unprecedented level of speed and ease in the industry. Illuminate your starlight dance floor effortlessly and quickly.

Comprehensive Selection of Starlight Dance Floors for Sale

LED Starlit Dance Floor TP-873
One of the most iconic LED starlight dance floors, offering a choice between two panel colors: black starlit dance floor tiles and white LED starlit dance floor panels. With an elegant and minimalist style, it creates a sophisticated atmosphere for your events.

Durable Acrylic Panels

Our high-quality acrylic panels are durable, resistant to wear and tear, and easy to maintain. We prioritize durability in the selection of dance floor materials, ensuring a robust product.

Stable Interlocking Splicing

With a tighter and more secure locking design, our dance floors achieve a stable connection that withstands even the most energetic dancing. Guests can freely dance on the floor without worrying about it coming apart.

Accurate Craftsmanship

As the only factory with our own cutting machines, we have complete control over the hole positioning on the TP-873 panels. With our matured technology, we achieve precise craftsmanship, resulting in superior quality dance floors.
Pixel Dance Floor TP-878
Experience the evolution of starlight dance floors – a much more dynamic display of twinkling stars, realistic romantic ambiance, customizable patterns, text effects, and captivating color mixing, all in one mesmerizing package.

Multiple Effects

In addition to the shimmering starlight effects, pixel dance floors can also showcase a variety of other captivating effects, such as text effects, pattern effects, and color mixing effects.

Tablet Control

Our dance floors can be controlled and operated through a tablet. You can also input text and design patterns directly on the tablet, allowing you to achieve your desired effects with ease.

Two Panel Color Options

You have the option to choose between black and white light up dance floor panels, catering to specific venue requirements. The black panels offer a more captivating look, while the white panels exude elegance.
3D Star Dance Floor TP-877B
This dance floor combines the enchantment of starlight with mesmerizing 3D effects, enhancing the lifelike portrayal of the starry sky.
The interplay of vibrant, interwoven colors adds depth and richness make it visually captivating.

3D Starlit Effect

Experience a 3D starlight effect that provides a more immersive and vivid visual display. With shifting colors that break away from traditional monochrome, it achieves the utmost level of starlight beauty.

Great Load-Bearing

Boasting exceptional weight-bearing capacity, our dance floors can support the weight of a car driving over them. Even with multiple people dancing on the floor, it maintains a reliable and sturdy surface.

Long Lifespan LED Lights

The LED lights have an extended lifespan, as we carefully select high-quality LED sources to ensure product durability and longevity. And the replacement of the LED strips are simple and hassle-free.
Magic Star Dance Floor TP-871
Immerse yourself in a magical and dazzling starlight experience as the dance floor illuminates, resembling scattered star fragments. Transported into a dreamlike cosmic galaxy, the venue exudes captivating romantic beauty.

Enchanting Starlit Effect

This dance floor boasts an exclusive starlight effect that is unmatched in the market. Starting from the panels themselves, it creates truly magical starlight patterns, offering a completely unique and captivating starlight experience.

Multiple Effects

In addition to the unique starlight effect, our dance floors offer a wide range of other effects, including solid colors and pattern effects. These effects can be easily switched and controlled via remote, providing effortless customization.

Great Brightness

With high-quality light sources, we ensure optimal brightness and vividness of the lights. When powered on, each dance floor panel exhibits excellent brightness and captivating, vibrant colors, truly capturing attention.

How to Install the Starlight Dance Floor?

Installing the starlight dance floor is incredibly simple. The TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor features a secure interlocking design, while the TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor, TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor, and TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor models utilize magnetic connections for instant assembly.

How to Control the Starlight Dance Floor?

Control these wireless starlight dance floors effortlessly with a remote, offering an extended control range of up to 50 meters. No more hassle, just press a button. The TP-878 pixel dance floor can be conveniently controlled via a tablet, providing flexible adjustments.

Application Field of Starlight Dance Floor

Starlight dance floors are highly popular for weddings, creating a romantic ambiance. They are also perfect for other types of parties, adding sparkle and vibrant color transitions to enliven the entire venue.

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FAQs of Wedding LED Dance Floor

How does a starlight dance floor work?

Inside each starlight dance floor panel, there are embedded LED light strips. These LED light strips are illuminated to create a variety of patterns, colors, and effects, resulting in eye-catching visuals.

Can I customize the colors and patterns of the starlight dance floor?

TOP DANCE offers custom effect services, such as for the TP-878 pixel dance floor. Based on your requirements, our designers will create the desired pattern effects and integrate them into an SD card. This allows for the seamless presentation of your preferred pattern effects.

Are starlight dance floors available for rent or purchase?

TOP DANCE’s dance floors are only available for sale. Our starlight dance floors are of superior quality, with a long lifespan, ensuring a perfect presentation of the desired effects.

Are starlight dance floors easy to maintain?

Indeed, our starlight dance floors are incredibly easy to maintain. We have specially designed the mainboard and magnets of the dance floor to ensure durability. In the event of normal wear and tear after extended use, replacement is a simple process requiring only a screwdriver and a few straightforward steps.

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