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What Is the Loading Capacity TOP DANCE LED Floor Tiles?

Jun 21, 2023 | Company News

With the increasing attention on LED floor tile in the event industry, more and more companies in the event rental companies are deciding to purchase LED dance floors and incorporate them into their planned events. The load bearing capacity and safety of LED floor tile have always been major concerns for people.

This article aims to delve into the knowledge related to the load bearing capacity of LED floors tile, helping you choose a dance floor with better load bearing capacity that is suitable for most events.
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The Importance of Load Bearing Capacity of Dance Floor

The load bearing capacity of an LED floor tile is crucial, as a dance floor with poor load bearing capacity can impact various aspects of its usage.


The primary concern associated with the load bearing capacity of a led floor tile is its safety. If a dance floor has poor load bearing capacity, its safety is undoubtedly compromised. Dance floors are rented out to different audiences and used in various settings. Additionally, the weight they need to bear can vary depending on the specific event. In larger events, the dance floor not only needs to support the weight of people but also bear the weight of heavy and bulky equipment. This places significant demands on the load bearing capacity of the dance floor. If the load bearing capacity is inadequate, it can result in structural failure and potentially cause property damage during the event. Most importantly, it can lead to injuries to the participants, which is a severe concern.


In addition, a dance floor with poor load bearing capacity will have a shorter lifespan. This is not advantageous for purchasers. When individuals purchase an LED dance floor, they expect it to be durable and long-lasting. If the dance floor has inadequate load bearing capacity, it cannot effectively protect the internal components of the dance floor. After prolonged dancing and movement, the components inside the dance floor can experience compression and damage, thus reducing the overall lifespan of the dance floor.


Lastly, concerning the usage scenarios, if a dance floor has a low load bearing capacity, it limits the range of its applications. This, in turn, restricts event rental companies to using the dance floor only for small-scale events or events with a limited number of participants. For larger events where a considerable number of people will be dancing on the floor, it becomes difficult to avoid exceeding the load bearing capacity. Therefore, if you intend to rent or set up a dance floor for large-scale events, it is crucial to choose an LED dance floor with excellent load bearing capacity .

The Influence of Material on the Load Bearing Capacity

The material of the dance floor tile has a significant impact on its load bearing capacity. Choosing the appropriate material not only ensures good load bearing capacity but also provides the added benefits of being lightweight and convenient for transportation.

Metal Materials

Metal materials have a significant impact on load bearing capacity. Generally, metals are known for their strength and durability, making them well-suited for bearing heavy loads. However, when it comes to led floor tiles, metal materials can present certain challenges. Since dance floors are frequently used in various settings, dance floor panels made of metal can be quite heavy, making transportation and installation more cumbersome and time-consuming.

Wood Materials

This type of wood material is more commonly used for dance floor panels. It is of a super light weight, comparing with the metal material. However, its weight-bearing capacity is generally lower compared to metal materials. It may not be able to withstand a large number of people dancing on it or heavy equipment. Exceeding the weight limit or placing excessive loads on the wooden dance floor could lead to breakage or structural failure.

There is a type of dance floor panel material that offers better load bearing capacity , and that is ABS plastic. ABS plastic is an advanced material used for led floor tiles that not only weighs less than metal but is also more durable. Please continue reading.

Load-Bearing Capacity of TOP DANCE LED Floor Tiles

Each LED tile produced by TOP DANCE has a remarkable load bearing capacity of over 600kg, which offers numerous advantages and possibilities.

You can check the following video to confirm the load bearing capacity of TOP DANCE LED floor tiles.

Why LED Floor Tiles of TOP DANCE Can Achieve This Load Bearing Strength

TOP DANCE’s LED floor tiles are made of ABS plastic, with each tile weighing only 8.5kg. Despite its lightweight nature, this material is highly durable and sturdy due to its strong load bearing capacity, making it resistant to damage and breakage.

Additionally, the surface of the dance floor features 10mm tempered glass, which is exceptionally robust. It can withstand hammer impacts, scissor scratches, and even the weight of off-road vehicles, not to mention the high heels and vigorous jumping of guests. Even with frequent use, it effectively protects the internal components from excessive vibrations and weight pressure.

Furthermore, every product from TOP DANCE undergoes rigorous quality inspection processes. Starting from the raw materials, each piece of tempered glass and every ABS plastic material are inspected and tested by our quality control personnel. If they do not meet the standards, they are not used for production. Additionally, there are specific certifications in place to ensure the quality of the LED floor tiles.
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Advantages of Good Load Bearing Capacity

LED floor tiles with good load bearing capacity can be used in large-scale events, expanding their applicability and benefiting dance floor rental companies. They can cater to a wider range of events, including larger-scale gatherings and even automotive exhibitions, as the dance floor can withstand the weight of heavy equipment and even vehicles.

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LED floor tile with good load bearing capacity offer enhanced safety because there is no need to worry about the dance floor cracking or being damaged due to intense and frequent jumping by guests or the pressure exerted by heavy equipment. This helps prevent potential safety incidents.

Moreover, LED floor tiles with good load bearing capacity not only have better quality but also exhibit increased durability, resulting in a longer lifespan.


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