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TOP DANCE’s Remarkable Success at the 2023 LDI Show

Dec 13, 2023 | Company News

The 2023 LDI Show, hosted in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, USA from December 3rd to 5th, stands as a premier event in the live design industry. This prestigious show offers a pivotal platform for global leaders to present cutting-edge solutions and innovative exhibits. Catering to a diverse audience, including those in event planning, rentals, show tours, and live interactions, the LDI Show is a hub for state-of-the-art technologies and top-tier industry solutions.
LDI show
Every year, TOP DANCE actively participates in prominent exhibition like the LDI Show, PLASA Show, Lighting Show, GET Show, and several others. These events are our stage to present groundbreaking technological innovations to the world. Simultaneously, we stay abreast of the latest industry trends and customer feedback, ensuring our products are continually refined and optimized to meet evolving market demands.

Transforming Event Spaces: TOP DANCE’s Cutting-Edge Showcases at the LDI Show

The innovative exhibits by TOP DANCE at the LDI Show not only showcased our technological prowess but also reinforced our commitment to enhancing the event experience through superior LED solutions.

Industry-leading Exclusive Battery Magnetic Dance Floor

TOP DANCE stands out with its groundbreaking introduction of the first completely wireless LED dance floors. This innovative feature distinguishes TOP DANCE’s products as unique and unmatched in the market, capturing the attention of industry professionals with its array of cutting-edge features:
battery 3D Infinity dance floor

Wireless Connectivity:

Boasts a completely wireless setup, eliminating the need for external controllers or power supplies and removing cumbersome wiring between tiles.

Magnetic Technology:

Integrates 18 magnets and a snap design for one-second stable splicing, drastically reducing installation time and effort.

Exceptional Battery Life:

Offers more than 12 hours of continuous use on a mere 4-hour charge, ensuring longevity and reliability for extended events.

Ease of Maintenance:

Designed for simplicity, these tiles require no professional tools or technicians for part replacements, making maintenance a breeze.

The Hottest LED Displays of the Year

The Hot LED Display by TOP DANCE also made a significant impact at the LDI Show, distinguished by its robust features:
LED screen

Durable and Dexterous Design:

Rugged yet easy to maneuver chassis, simplifying installation and making it ideal for the event rental industry.

Superior Visual Quality:

Delivers ultra-clear visuals with an expansive viewing angle, high refresh rate, and impressive brightness, enhancing the overall ambiance.

User-Friendly Playback:

Supports both synchronous and asynchronous playback, offering versatility and ease of operation.

Customizable Options:

Provides multiple pixel densities and chassis choices, adaptable for various indoor and outdoor settings.

Record-Breaking Achievements at the 2023 LDI Show

At the LDI Show, TOP DANCE not only showcased innovation but also set new records in customer engagement and sales:

Astounding Customer Growth:

Each day of the event brought a wave of over 100 new customers, culminating in a remarkable total of more than 300 new engagements in just three days.

Exceptional Engagement Conversion:

Demonstrating the magnetic appeal of their exhibit, TOP DANCE achieved a phenomenal 95% conversion rate from online queries to in-person booth visits.

Remarkable Sales Achievement:

TOP DANCE successfully secure deals with over 20 customers directly, marking a significant sales milestone.

Customer Loyalty:

Alongside attracting new clients, TOP DANCE also witnessed a significant number of repeat orders from loyal customers on-site, underscoring the enduring trust in brand and products.

This outstanding performance at the LDI Show highlights TOP DANCE’s dynamic market impact and their unmatched prowess in captivating both new and returning customers.

Reach Out for Premium LED Solutions Exclusive to TOP DANCE

Celebrating 11 years of expertise, TOP DANCE presented its leadership in the industry at the LDI Show. Known for comprehensive services and reliable LED dance floor and LED screen wall products, we continue to set industry standards. Reach out to us for customized, free solutions and experience the quality that defines TOP DANCE.


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