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Transform Your Event with LED Event Dance Floors

May 13, 2023 | Industry News

Do you often see other people’s glittering and fun parties on social media too?Do you also come across other people’s amazing event setups on social media? Today, we will reveal to you the most popular element of event decoration currently in demand. That is the LED event dance floor. They bring a more spectacular presentation to various types of events.

This article will focus on analyzing the trend of LED dance floors as a key element in event decoration, its importance in event settings as the most popular dance floor currently, the effects that LED dance floors can bring to an event, its specific applications in different scenarios, why event rental companies need this type of LED dance floor, and how LED dance floors can be combined with other products to make events more lively and memorable.

Event Dance Floor in Different Occasions

Nowadays, you will see the LED dance floor in more and more events. Crowds dancing enthusiastically on the glow dance floor, crowds performing on the lit up dance floor, birthday celebrations on the sparkly dance floor, LED dance floors have become an integral part of banquets, parties and other events.

Event Dance Floor in Wedding

The LED event dance floor tiles can be arranged into a long strip to form an aisle, providing a pathway for the bride’s father to walk the bride down, making this sacred moment even more magnificent. LED event dance floors also have a starlight effect, where the bride’s dress falls on the dance floor, accompanied by twinkling stars, making the entire scene look very romantic during the dance. TOP DANCE is able to provide such products, such as the TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor made of acrylic floor tiles and the TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor made of magnetic floor tiles, both of which can achieve this effect.
Wedding with frosted and mirror dance floors

Event Dance Floor in Birthday Party

LED event dance floor tiles can liven up the entire birthday party, and TP-878 Pixel Dance floor tiles can also display text on top, such as “Happy Birthday,” which can be played on the dance floor tile in various forms, creating an eye-catching effect.
Birthday Parties with frosted and mirror dance floors

Event Dance Floor in Dj Event

The event floor tile can make DJ events more exciting and lively, creating an explosive atmosphere for the entire venue. For example, TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor, with its stunning 3D effect, can make the entire scene stand out and accompany the rhythm and beat of the music.
DJ Events with frosted and mirror dance floors

Event Dance Floor for Stage

Want to create a sparkling stage? Want to focus all the eyes of the audience on the stage and performance? In addition to the traditional spotlights and sound effects, a set of LED dance floor can also be used as your elements to attract the audience’s attention. This not only complements the stage design and performance, but also immerses the audience in the exciting atmosphere of the performance.
Band Performance with 3D LED dance floor (4)

What makes TOP DANCE LED Event Dance Floors Stand out in the Field?

TOP DANCE sells over 5000 LED dance floors to various parts of the world every month. Our clients in the event rental business use these products for a variety of events and parties. They can serve as a source of lighting for the stage and provide a setting for various event activities. You can arrange a live band performance on it, follow the rhythm of rock music, and ignite everyone’s emotions with dazzling illuminated dance floor panels. You can also loop a slogan or a striking pattern on it, which will leave a lasting impression on your important guests after the corporate event. All of these benefits are related to the event itself.

Because most of our customers are engaged in the event rental industry, we also understand the needs of our customers better. Every year, we spend a lot of time communicating with customers, conducting after-sales surveys, and based on customer feedback, summarizing how our products can be improved to further meet customer needs, and then produce more advanced LED activity dance floor.

Traditional LED dance floors with wires require a lot of installation time. For rental companies, installation time is very important, and the simpler the installation design, the more it can save them time in venue setup. Therefore, the installation design of LED event dance floors is becoming increasingly simple.

To meet the installation simplification needs of our customers, TOP DANCE has designed a unique battery-powered magnetic dance floor that requires no wiring during installation. Simply take the dance floor tiles out of the aviation box, lay them on the ground and piece them together, and install the edges to complete the entire installation process. Moreover, it has a long battery life and can be used for up to 12 hours after a four-hour charge, making it suitable for a variety of different scenes and events. When the battery runs out after 12 hours, it can be used as a regular magnetic dance floor by connecting the wired edges to a power source. This technology is a boon to the event rental industry, greatly reducing the time required for event setup.

In order to meet the needs of customers for various effects, we will also present a variety of effects, starlight effect, 3D illusion, text effect, interactive effect, mixed color effect, pure color effect. Each effect can form a perfect visual effect on this luminous dance floor.

Because the events of the venue is more diverse, the conditions page is not the same, in order to achieve a set of dance floor can adapt to various conditions of the scene and the theme of various events, TOP DANCE spent a lot of time to do research, spent a lot of time and money on product development, and also spent a lot of time to do product testing, so we can confidently say that we are better than other suppliers, we are the most professional manufacturer in doing wireless LED dance floor

Examples of Successful Events with LED Event Dance Floors

One of the most notable applications of our LED dance floors was at a corporate event for Twitter, where our TP-877 3D LED dance floor was used as a centerpiece. The event was a great success due in part to the stunning and impressive effect created by the dance floor. It was easy to install, taking only a few minutes to put together, which saved time and manpower during the setup process. The 3D infinity effect of our 3D dance floor is an original effect and has been well-received since its introduction. Many customers prefer to use a combination of frosted and mirrored dance floor panels. In addition to Twitter, this dance floor has also been used for many large corporate annual meetings.
Collaboration wiht TOP DANCE
In addition to corporate events mention above, our LED dance floors have also been rented by large-scale music video production companies to provide an equally spectacular and stunning backdrop for singers’ performances.

Customizable Design Options of LED Event Dance Floor

TOP DANCE offers a wide variety of LED event dance floors, including the most advanced battery magnetic dance floors, easy installing magnetic dance floors, basic wireless dance floors, video dance floors, and coolest atmospherics 3D infinity dance floors, romantic and classic starlit dance floors, multifunctional pixel dance floors, fun and exciting interactive dance floors, and more.

For specific scenes or events, some customers may have a demand for customized services. TOP DANCE also has a very powerful design team that can meet customers’ needs for customized patterns, programming, and setting up specific effects.

How to Combine LED Event Dance Floor with Other Event Effect Equipment

With dazzling dance floors and enhanced interactive special effects equipment, your event design will stand out from others.

Great for DJs and dancers alike is the handheld CO2 gun, which shoots a plume of white CO2 vapour up to 8 meters into the crowd when the trigger is pulled. It is an excellent way to keep the crowd cool on the dance floor while evoking the excitement and atmosphere of a high-powered superclub.

LED event dance floors are so versatile they can also be combined with confetti machines, sparkle machines and many other dance floor equipment to match the theme and ambience of your events.

If you want to choose an eye-catching LED dance floor for your event, or if you have no idea how to decorate your event space, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will provide you with a free LED dance floor solution.


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