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Video Dance Floor

Do you want to present more creativity for the overall venue layout? With the capability to display various graphics, images, and videos, you can have more freedom to design the layout of your venue to create an immersive environment that aligns with the theme of the event via purchasing a set of video dance floor.

Elevate Your Events with a Spectacular Visual Experience

TOP DANCE specializes in providing an extensive selection of LED video dance floors, catering to diverse needs and occasions.

Selections of Video Dance Floors

TOP DANCE provides customers with a choice of two video dance floor styles – a high-definition video dance floor and an interactive video dance floor. Both options enable the floor to showcase dynamic and engaging visuals.

Video Dance Floor TP-875

TP-875 Video Dance Floor

TOP DANCE provides high-definition video dance floors that are placed underfoot to create a unique ambiance in your venue. This setup promotes a heightened level of immersion for you, contributing to an improved overall experience.
Video Dance Floor TP-875

TP-875A Interactive Video Dance Floor

In addition to displaying high-definition visuals, the interactive video dance floor is fitted with a sensor that reacts to the movements of the guests, enhancing the experience of the guests, making the event even more interesting.

The Ultimate Choice for Diverse Occasions

TOP DANCE video floor can be utilized in a variety of events and venues. For example, the nightclubs, music festivals, weddings, corporate parties, music festivals etc. It can play video and picture to transform the ordinary venue into the immersive environment.

Merits of Video Dance Floor

video dance floor

Spill-Resistant Dance Floor Panel

Featuring enhanced moisture resistance, our video dance floor is designed to gracefully handle drink spills, ensuring your event’s vibrancy remains uninterrupted.

long lifespan

High-quality LED Sources

TOP DANCE video dance floors feature durable, high-quality LEDs with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, offering long-term savings on maintenance and replacements.

load bearing capacity

Outstanding Bearing Capacity

With excellent load-bearing capacity, the video floor can withstand heavy traffic and weight loads up to 500kg, ensuring safety and durability for heavy use.

Visual Impact

Seamless Splicing for Visual Harmony

The TP-875 video dance floor offers seamless splicing for a unified visual display, elevating the event atmosphere with cohesive imagery.

Adjustable Dance Floor Height for Enhanced Flexibility

Effortlessly adjust your TOP DANCE video dance floor height in under a minute without tools. Just lift the panel, adjust the support feet to the desired height, and secure with a twist. This quick, tool-free adjustment offers unmatched flexibility and convenience for any event setting.

Captivating Effects of TP-875 Video Dance Floor

video dance floor

Video and Image Display

The Video Dance Floor, designed to ease stress for diverse events, features high-definition visuals for sharp, clear, flicker-free images and videos. Its high color saturation and brightness boost display vibrancy, enhancing event immersion and making guests feel fully part of the experience.

interactive video dance floor effects

Clear Visual Effects

The video dance floor has a of P3.91 or P4.81 pixel pitch for selection, providing an exceptional visual experience. The images are presented in a lively and dynamic way, creating a vibrant and colorful picture. It is versatile and can be adjusted to different lighting conditions, which helps to reduce stress when using it for various events.
interactive effects

Interactive Effect

Built-in sensitive sensors allow the video floor tiles quickly and flexibly respond to human movement, creating an interactive experience that is unique and engaging. People dance or move across the tiles, the visuals on the floor will change in response, making the experience even more immersive.

How to Operate Video Dance Floor?

The Video Dance Floor can be easily control by computer. It’s super easy to control the whole set of the dance floor with this simple click with the setting program on your computer. It is efficient and time saving. Click the video and Check.

How to Install Video Dance Floor?

Effortlessly Set Up Your TOP DANCE Video Dance Floor with our simple step-by-step process, ensuring stability and performance. Get ready to impress your guests in no time.

Projects of Video Dance Floor

TP-875-Video-Dance-Floor (1)

To Set a High-end Cooperate Parties with Video Dance Floor

A company that specializes in organizing high-end corporate events purchased our video dance floor. They used our video dance floor in a very upscale corporate event. The video dance floor can display various visuals according to their preference. The high-definition visual effects of the video dance floor impressed both the company and their clients. Combining the event’s theme, the company’s culture, and the overall scene’s arrangement, they presented the company’s logo on the dance floor and played corresponding videos during the dancing segment. This provided a social gathering for guests and left a lasting impression on those who participated in the event.

TP-875-Video-Dance-Floor (2)

Video Dance Floors That Make Music Festivals More Lively

TOP DANCE video dance floor was also purchased and used by an American client in their music festival, where the performers danced on the dance floor to the rhythm of the music. The dynamic effects played on the video dance floor make the performers’ performances more impressive, and the changing dynamic effects also synchronize perfectly with the music. The exciting music, both classical and contemporary, combined with the visual effects of the video dance floor, made the entire music festival even more lively and rock. To make the performance even more wonderful and the vibe more amazing. The entire event is immersive and joyful.

What Make Our Video Dance Floor Stand Out from the Market ?

11 Years Expertise in Dance Floor Manufacturing

LA Warehouse

LA Warehouse Pick up: Cost and Time saving

Testing-Area (2)
1000 SQM Testing Area for Rigorous Quality Inspection
professional team
24/7 Dedicated and Promptly After-sales Service

Convenient and Protective Packaging for the TP-875 Video Dance Floor

The packaging of the video dance floor needs to be very careful to ensure that it is not damaged during transportation, so we have chosen flight case for packaging. To ensure its safe delivery, we take great care in packing the video dance floor efficiently and securely. The materials of the flight case that used for packing are of the highest quality and are specifically chosen to withstand the rigors of transportation. You can rest assured that your TP-875 Video Dance Floor will arrive in excellent condition.
led dance floor packaging (2)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Video Displayed on the Dance Floor Be Customized for a Specific Event or Theme?

Yes, you can pre-set the images or videos you want to play, and switch and play them according to the specific event schedule on the day of the event.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Video Dance Floor?

It allows the guest to experience the clear and vivid visual experience and the interact with their surroundings and experience a more engaging experience.

Are Video Dance Floors Safe to Dance On?

Yes, the video dance floor design to be sturdy and can withstand the weight and movement of the guest. The surface is non-slippery and can prevent the injuries from slipping and falling.

What Types of Video Content Can Be Displayed on a Video Dance Floor?

The video dance floor can display various types of video content. Like pre-record video, motion graphics, animation etc. And it can display the images, such as logos and photos.

What Is the Lifespan of a Video Dance Floor?

The lifespan of a video dance floor depends on its quality and whether it is well-maintained. TOP DANCE video dance floor uses high-quality and durable materials to ensure long-term use.

Is the Video Dance Floor Waterproof?

Yes, its waterproof rating is IP52.

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