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Vinyl Dance Floor vs LED Dance Floor

Jun 21, 2023 | Industry News

Dance floors continue to be a staple of all minor and major events. However, there is a high-tech solution if you search for a dance floor to celebrate a special occasion or use it in your nightclub or bar.

LED technology gives a glamorous look to a conventional dance floor. Today, we have LED dance floors that breathe new life into ordinary events. The illuminated floor mats give a pulsating effect, and the vibrant colors of the LED floor tiles offer an immersive experience.

But are they better than the good old vinyl dance floors? We are going to shed light on that later in the post.

For years, event planners, party rentals, and even nightclub owners settled for vinyl to design dance floor areas. That’s because this flooring offers suitable friction, which helps amateur dancers move around better.

What’s even better? They are super-easy to maintain and clean. But since they are vulnerable to damage due to high heels or stilettos, dancers must be a little careful when performing special moves.

The fabulous floors light up the room and breathe new life into the decor. The interlocking dance floor tiles are easy to install, and the lights allow various visual effects. LED floor tiles, from weddings to nightclubs and corporate parties, are perfect for all events.

Unlike vinyl flooring, LED dance floors don’t create obstacles for dancers. Instead, the beautiful patterns and bright colors create a unique atmosphere and a fantastic display.
Let’s find out the differences between LED and vinyl dance floors.

LED Dance Floor vs. Vinyl Dance Floor

First, let’s delve into vinyl dance floors.

Vinyl Dance Floors

Most people like these floors because they are great for children and amateurs. Furthermore, installing these dance floors is quick and easy. But remember, they come at a fantastic price tag. That means it is more affordable than other conventional floors.
vinyl dance floor

Comfortable Surface

Vinyl surfaces are easy to dance on that are comfortable and safe to perform on, especially for amateur dancers.

Low Cost

Vinyl flooring can quickly transform any space into a dance studio because it is affordable. In addition, they can last long if you take care of and maintain them properly.

Easy to Clean

You would like to dance on the squeaky-clean dance floor because they are easy to clean. That’s why you will hardly find a dirty vinyl dance floor. Instead, this flooring will help the dancers have a great time on the floor.

Softer than Concrete and Wood

Most people prefer dancing on vinyl floors because they are softer than concrete or wood. But there is another thing which you can’t do with these floors. Once they get damaged, you can’t repair them, and they will probably require new planks.

Why You Should Not Install Vinyl Flooring for Dance Floors

Now you know why some people prefer vinyl dance floors, here are a few reasons you should not use this flooring material for setting up a dance floor.

Rigid and Lacks Flexibility

Vinyl floors offer the flexibility that many professional dancers look for when performing. Even if a group of friends or dancers are performing at an event, they need a certain level of ‘bounce’ from the floor. That allows the dancers to move more fluidly with less difficulty. But dancers may need to get the desired effect on vinyl floors.

No or Less Shock Absorption

Unfortunately, vinyl floors lack the shock absorption capabilities crucial for routine dance or notable performances. We know how trained dancers leap, jump, and perform special moves during a concert. However, due to their lack of shock absorption abilities, dancers may be vulnerable to injuries during jumping or diving.

Maintenance and Durability

While vinyl flooring can be durable, it may withstand the test of time if you maintain it properly. Constant movement can damage this type of dance floor. Dragging equipment and repeated impacts on the vinyl floor can speed up its wear and tear. You may also require specific cleaners for maintaining vinyl flooring.
All these factors indicate that while vinyl is an excellent choice for flooring, it may not be the best material for dance floors.

LED Dance Floors

These dance floors are all the rage. We frequently encounter Instagram stories of professional dancers or celebrities shaking their legs on an illuminated floor. Looking at the growing popularity of LED dance floors, it’s safe to assume that they will take over conventional vinyl or hardwood dance floors shortly.
TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor
Since we offer them in various sizes for serving multiple benefits, they are widely popular among event rentals, party planners, and event management companies. An LED dance floor brings joy to any event.

One of the best reasons they are becoming so popular is because they can create an immersive experience for all participants. People who aren’t dancing will also have fun, thanks to this stunning floor.

There is no other way to give the participants or attendees of any event the kind of entertainment an LED floor promises to offer.

The aesthetic visual effects are enough to impress people of all ages.

Apart from offering an immersive experience, these dance floors bring a glitzy effect to any event with stunning displays. The energy of this dance floor is contagious, and everyone wants to join in dancing on this fantastic floor.

This beautiful LED floor can withstand so many people dancing all at once. You’ll be surprised that a large LED dance floor can accommodate multiple dancers.

How Many People Can Dance on LED Dance Floors at a Time?

A 12×12 dance floor can easily accommodate up to 40 people who can dance together simultaneously. At the same time, a 24×24 dance floor is big enough for up to 120 people.
led dance floor for party
But do you know what’s even better? The floor’s applications go beyond these remarkable benefits. These fabulous floors also offer branding opportunities for brands and companies. The LED floor can generate beautiful logos, designs, and messages. That’s an excellent way to make trade shows, award ceremonies, and corporate events successful.

That’s something a plain old vinyl dance floor can never offer for event participants.

We can also experiment with different LED dance floors so they can be installed in various environments, be it a home or a nightclub. That’s why these dance floors are highly customizable and easily become the life of every party.

TOP DANCE can provide the best dance floor for all occasions if you want to replace your traditional vinyl dance floor with a high-tech LED dance floor. TOP DANCE offers a variety of LED dance floors with cutting-edge technology. Every LED dance floor we sell has outstanding features and awesome effects that will add a touch of innovation to your event. Thanks to their intuitive features, our LED floors are becoming more common because they entertain everyone.

Let’s look at some benefits you can enjoy once you purchase an LED dance floor.

Benefits of TOP DANCE Magnetic Dance Floors

Advanced Wireless Control Method

Our magnetic LED dance floor has several control options, such as DMX and computer control. What’s more? Our LED dance floors come with a tablet/remote control to modify the intensity of the illuminated floor mats.

Quick and Convenient Installation

TOP DANCE proudly presents an incredibly innovative LED dance floor that benefits from magnetic connection technology. That means installing this floor is convenient and easy. Thanks to the advanced magnetic connection, people with no skill or technical experience can assemble the dance floor. Just push it gently to connect the LED floor tiles. That means you can set up a dance floor within seconds.

Vibrant and Colorful Effects

Customizing the lighting to suit the theme and mood of your occasion is now also easy. TOP DANCE brings floors with multiple control options. You can choose and set different colors because our magnetic LED dance floor offers several choices.

Battery Magnet LED Dance Floor

No complicated wiring when setting up this floor. The built-in battery in the floor tile ensures a smooth twelve-hour operation after a single charge. Hence, they are a terrific choice for dance parties and events.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining our beautiful magnetic LED dance floor is effortless. You don’t have to clean the tiles because the intricate design of this floor makes it easy to replace floor parts. In addition, this intelligible design makes it easier to install and maintain LED floors, unlike vinyl floors.

Get the Best LED Dance Floors from TOP DANCE

So now you know the benefits of LED dance floors are more than the advantages of installing vinyl dance floors. They change the event’s mood and invite everyone to join the festivities and dance like nobody’s watching. That’s great for amateur and professional dancers because they don’t have to think twice about causing any damage to the floor. Our LED dance floors can be a great addition to the following:

      • auto shows

led dance floor for auto show

      • bars

led dance floor for bar

      • birthday parties

led dance floor for birthday party

      • coming-of-age ceremonies

led dance floor for bar mitzvahs

      • concerts

led dance floor for concert

      • corporate events

led dance floor for cooperate event

    • exhibitions

led dance floor for exhibition

      • fashion shows

led dance floor for catwalk shows

    • nightclubs

night club dnace floor

    • stage performances

LED dance floor for performance

    • trade shows

led dance floor

Check our selection of wireless and magnetic LED dance floors. Our dance floors add a dynamic element to any venue/event.


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