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Wedding LED Dance Floor

Are you searching for the ideal dance floor to make your wedding memorable? Consider buying yourself a wedding dance floor to add that extra touch to your special day. Manufactures and sales of wireless LED dance floor for 11 years, TOP DANCE guarantee that we offer exactly what you need.

Step into the Future | Our State of the Art Wedding LED Dance Floor is Like No Other!

We Sell the Best LED Dance Floors to Customers Worldwide

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Merits of Wedding LED Dance Floor

Easier Installation

The wedding LED dance floor tiles are wirelessly connected, ensuring a quick installation process, while also offering excellent stability. It can be especially beneficial for wedding with tight timelines for venue layout setting.

Wonderful Effects

The wedding dance floors offer over 30 unique starlight effects to create a stunning and memorable ambiance. Whether you are looking for a classic and elegant atmosphere, or something more dynamic and energetic, it will match your vision.

Customization Service

We understand that every event is unique, especially wedding. We offer customized LED dance floors to suit your unique event needs. Our team of experts will work with you to design the perfect size and effect style that meets your expectation.

Convenient Control

Advanced control techniques facilitate rapid effect switching, resulting in a highly manageable operation. It allows you to effortlessly modify your device settings like DMX, computer, tablet and remote to achieve optimal performance.

Hot Selling Wedding LED Dance Floor

Pixel Dance Floor TP-878

TP-878 is a pixel dance floor which can provide you with the awesome effects, the customized pattern effects and text effects will make your wedding an unique and eye-catching one. It comes with the high level quality, time-saving installation method and easy operation.

TP-878 is a popular LED wedding LED dance floor either. This glow dance floor is a hit choice for wedding rental business for its wonderful and changeable dynamic effects. With great brightness, the bride and groom dancing on the dance floor just like the princess and prince.

wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (6)

Solid Color

The solid color effect is classic and can easily adapt to various wedding theme and style. The blue, pink, white, purple is very popular for wedding and the great brightness of the dance floor panel can promise the wonderful atmosphere.

wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (2)

Pattern Effects

Pattern effects can satisfied the demand of your creativity. You can design the patterns you want via a program like heart shape, star, rainbow, bow, sun, snowflake etc. With a wide range of color for selection, and the dynamic function, effect will be absolutely wonderful.

wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (4)

Text Effect

Want to express some words and present a little surprise on the wedding? With TP-878, you can display the text like “I LOVE YOU” “MARRY ME” with dynamic flash on the ground via several easy clicks on the tablet. Our wedding customer review that dancing on the dance floor with the beautiful wedding gown on it, how romantic it is!

LED Starlit Dance Floor TP-873
TP-873 is a wireless dance floor. With its classic and elegant starlight effects, it can provide you with an extremely romantic and dreamy scene, just like a starry sky shining on the ground. Therefore, it is also called fairy light dance floor or starlight dance floor. Both black LED dance floor panel or white LED dance floor panel are available, they can also being spliced together and form a checkered dance floor.

The stunning starlight effect of TP-873 is very popular. With a wide range of colors for selection, to suit different styles of wedding scene. It’s elegant and classic appearance can easily present your great taste.

Banquet Dance Floor (5)

Black and White Dance Floor Panel

To splice the black dance floor and the white dance floor together the way you like to present more creativity!

starlit dance floor for wedding

White Dance Floor Panel

The white dance floor is extremely elegant and classic. To present a more romantic and dreamy wedding vibe, to make your venue like a magnificent palace, the white dance floor is your nice choice!

Banquet Dance Floor (6)

Black Dance Floor Panel

The sparkling dance floor light up the whole scene with its twinkle starlight effect. The black panel and the starlight form a sharp color contrast just like the star light up the sky. The high-end appearance and the visual impact will provide you an incomparable wedding.

Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor TP-B877
TP-877 is famous for its coolest 3D infinity panel. The amazing visual appearance decided that your wedding will be an unique one. The great brightness of the dance floor can easily attract everybody’s eyes once they get in the room. Wide range of colors for selection, to adapt to different kinds of wedding styles or different parts of the wedding. What’s more, it is also popular for its easy installation and stable connection.

Because of its amazing 3D infinity panel, TP-877 enjoys a good reputation as the coolest 3d dance floor. It is the first choice for those couple that want to make their wedding rock. The mix RGB effect, solid color and pattern effects all together to make the whole wedding fulfill with dynamic and colorful atmosphere.


Mix RGB Effects

With the smart and saturated color mix together, the lit up floor may attract your attention at the first glance. To present a colorful wedding scene for you.

Solid color

TP-877 is famous for its cool effect. However, when splicing the frosted and mirror panel together and display the solid color effect, it can be elegant and gorgeous.

3D Infinity Effect

The coolest 3D infinity effect is very eye-catching that everybody wants to dance on it. It make the dance parts fabulous. The wonderful effect, the awesome vibe, TP-877 LED dance floor will definitely make your wedding an unforgettable one.

How to Set Up the Wedding LED Dance Floor?

You may curious about the dance floor installation method of this products. How easy it might be? Beacuse for the event dance floor, the convenient installation method is import. All of this three products are connected wirelessly which takes less time to install. What’s more, TP-877 and TP-878 LED dance floors are connected by the magnet, and it just takes one second to connect two panels together. Let’s check the video!

How to Operate the Wedding LED Dance Floor?

The dance floor can be simply controlled by remote control and wireless devices such as tablets to achieve easy management of lighting effects, allowing users to have full control of the dance floor from anywhere in the venue.

Projects of Wedding LED Dance Floors

18'x18' LED Dance Floor (7)

A Colorful And Vivid Wedding With 3D LED Dance Floor

Attracting by the wonderful colors and the cool panel, a customer from New York bought a set of 16×16 LED dance floor. He use the dance floor for wedding layout. He set the dance floor in the center of the site which was very eye-catching. The dance floor and the cold sparkle machine, provide a romantic and delightful visual appearance for every guest. Moreover, this dance floor can use as outdoor wedding dance floor if the ground is flat enough.

starlit dance floor for wedding

Create Wonderful Palace Like Wedding Venue Layout With Starlit Dance Floor

With the elegant and classic appearance, the starlight dance floor light up weddings in California. Our regular customer Selena who specialize in wedding entertainment business bought this 20×20 ft dance floor from us. This set of dance floor is widely use in various kinds of wedding and left great memory for her customers.
wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (4)

Eye-Catching Wedding Site Begin From The Reception Area

The TP-878 is popular by its great brightness and the amazing effects. So its the hot selling products for wedding. They use the LED dance floor to various kinds of events to attract people’s attentions and left them a wonderful experience. Our customer David use this 10x10ft LED dance floor as the wedding reception dance floor to decorate the reception area to catch the guests eyes which get positive review from his customers.

Why Choose TOP DANCE Wedding LED Dance Floors?

LED dance floor is the latest way of wedding layout, which makes the wedding unique and can present a dazzling effect. The lit up dance floor will provide a special dancing area for the guest to dance and band performance.

With more than 10 years of experience, Top DANCE is a professional manufacturer of LED dance floors, which provide various types of high quality level LED dance floors. The wedding dance floors are one of the most hot selling products, which stand out for the 30 kinds of starlight effects. Customers who are specialized in event renting business especially wedding entertainment companies bought wedding dance floors with gorgeous starlight effect from us. We have created various types of weddings, creating exclusive and wonderful weddings for customers around the world.

FAQs of Wedding LED Dance Floor

What Size Should My Wedding LED Dance Floor Be?

It depends on how many guests you will have, and how many of them are expected to dance. Please contact us for a detailed LED dance floor solution that matches the number of people and guest needs for your event.

How Do I Ensure the Safety of My Guests on the Dance Floor?

Make sure to follow the guidelines in the manual for installation. We will match you with a non-slip edge to prevent the guests from slipping because they are too immersive in dancing.

Can I Use This Dance Floor for Wedding Reception?

Using an LED dance floor at a wedding reception can indeed create a stunning visual focal point and add a touch of glamour and excitement to the event.

Can I Install This Wedding LED Dance Floors for My Outdoor Wedding?

Yes, you can use it for outdoor wedding, but it’s important to consider the weather and any potential hazards, such as uneven ground or wet grass. You should ensure the ground is flat enough.

How Do I Ensure My Guests Have Fun on the Dance Floor?

The wonderful effects of our dance floor can be appeal to all ages and tastes. It will encourage guest to dance and enjoy dancing on the sparkle dance floor with the changing effects.

What Type of Wedding LED Dance Floor Is Latest Trend?

Magnetic dance floor are the latest trend for wedding dance floor, which facilitates event rental business to save installation time and can effectively save costs.

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