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Professional LED Dance Floor Manufacturer: What After-Sales Service Can We Provide?

Jun 30, 2023 | Company News

Before buying a set of LED dance floor, a problem that has to be considered is the after-sales service, because the purchase of dance floor is a whole batch of purchase, inevitably encounter some problems in the process of use, need timely guidance.

This article will introduce in detail how professional LED dance floor manufacturers can provide you with professional after-sales service to help you understand the after-sales related issues that you need to understand when buying dance flooring.

Why Professional Dance Floor Manufacturers Can Provide Better After-Sales Service?

A professional LED dance floor manufacturer will provide you with a more trustworthy after-sales service. Professionalism will affect the level of service, a professional dance floor manufacturer, especially LED dance floor manufacturer dedicated in the development and production and sales, must be able to from the technology, details, operation and maintenance and other aspects of the LED dance floor has a deep and comprehensive understanding.

On the contrary, if a dance floor manufacturer is not professional, he may not understand the product and will not be able to provide you with comprehensive and detailed after-sales service. For example, some LED dance floor suppliers are shipped from other factories rather than produce on their own, after-sales staff are not familiar with the product, when you encounter some products after-sales problems, it is difficult to get detailed and specific solution.

After-sales Service

Why Our After-Sales Service Is More Professional Than Other Dance Floor Manufacturers?

First of all, we are a professional dance floor manufacturer, we have a perfect system from the development, production and sales of LED dance floor products. We value our customers’ comments and suggestions and keep optimizing our products. So all of our customers know and value that our LED dance floor is very good to use, and the installation procedure is very simple, which also largely reduces the request of customers to initiate after-sales service, because most of them can complete the installation and commissioning of the LED dance floor through the manual or our video tutorial.

Secondly, we have a very professional after-sales team, our after-sales team will be regular product training, our product engineers and quality inspectors will be systematic training for the after-sales team to help them to be deeply and comprehensively familiar with the product.

With this professional training, our after-sales staff will be able to better learn how to solve their customers’ problems in the process of use. For example, how to help customers determine whether the dance floor lights do not light up because of wiring errors or improper operation, how to set the specified effect, the installation is complete but the dance floor not lit properly, and other such problems. Help customers to troubleshoot difficulties to solve the urgent needs of customers.

When customers need after-sales service, they can answer the questions related to the product for customers in a timely manner.

Moreover, our after-sales team is on a shift system, with professional after-sales staff answering questions initiated by customers 24 hours a day, which ensures that when customers send out after-sales service requests online, we have professional after-sales staff who can follow up on customers’ questions in a timely manner, avoiding customers’ questions about products that are unanswered due to time difference.

As a Professional Dance Floor Manufacturer, What After-Sales Service Can TOP DANCE Provide?

3-Months Warranty

First of all, each of our dance floor provides a 3-year warranty, which allows customers to buy our products more peace of mind, especially for the customers who buy our products for the first time, a 3-year warranty can give them a more reliable guarantee.

Installation Guidance

Secondly, when the customer does not know how to use them, we will have special installation guidelines. Even if our LED dance floor installation is easier than ninety-five percent of the dance floor on the market, but the first contact with these products in the installation of customers will still have some confusion.

Therefore, we will provide them with special installation guidelines. When they encounter problems with the installation, they can contact our after-sales staff, we will show them how to install the dance floor in detail. And, for some technical problems, such as some effect implementation problems, we can arrange remote connection to the customer’s computer to assist them deal with it.

Technical Guidance

Our after-sales team will also provide technical support to our customers. For example, some customers who have purchased the TP-878 pixel dance floor will want to customize a specific graphic effect for a particular event, but don’t know how to program it, and our after-sales team will help them communicate with the designer to achieve the effect they specify.

Maintenance Guidance

Likewise, if it is the maintenance problem, we will also provide customers with the most complete and clear tutorials, if customers encounter specific problems, we will also communicate in a timely manner to solve for customers.

Timely Reply

The most important thing is that if you are about to set up the LED dance floor for an event, but suddenly encounter a technical problem during the installation at the event site, the general dance floor supplier can not help you solve the problem in a very timely manner. But if you choose TOP DANCE, this problem does not exist. Because we are professional, we have a professional team, we have 24/7 service time, when you encounter problems and in an emergency, we will provide you with timely and effective after-sales service.

If you want to choose a dance floor manufacturer who can provide you with better after-sales service, TOP DANCE is the best choice for you!


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