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White Dance Floor

Innovative and high-quality white dance floors for sale, to present a classic but unique event decor.

Features of TOP DANCE White Dance Floors

Various of Dance Floor Styles

TOP DANCE offer the most comprehensive types of white dance floors not only including the classic acrylic dance floors, but also the newest magnetic dance floors and the battery magnetic dance floors that are all available for white dance floor panel.

Classic and Innovative Effects

With the advanced technology, TOP DANCE white dance floor can not only present the classic and elegant white dance floor panel appearance, but also vibrant colors, patterns and even texts on the dance floor panel. The rich and stunning visual impact can better enhance the event atmosphere.

Quick and Easy Wireless Splicing

TOP DANCE white dance floor are all wireless dance floor which can be fast and easy spliced up without any wire connection. They are connected via interlocking system or magnetic system. The whole installing process is within fifteen minutes, which is time saving.

Sturdy and Superior Material

TOP DANCE selects the high-class material to for dance floor manufacturing, to ensure wonderful long-term performance and the longevity of the dance floor. Advanced machinery, experienced workers and mature craftmanship to ensure the best performance of the dance floors.

Hot-selling White Dance Floors

Acrylic Dance Floor

The acrylic dance floor is the classic white dance floor. TOP DANCE built acrylic dance floor with the top-notch material which can stand great load capacity and the leds can be lighted for 50000 hours. TOP DANCE offers acrylic starlit LED dance floor and acrylic pure white dance floor, to meet different demand. The starlit led dance floor are all engraved by the factory’s professional engraving machine to meet the customer’s customization needs.The white acrylic dance floor with elegant pure white floor panel, can create flawless and neat visual presentation.

LED Starlit Dance Floor TP-873 (1)

LED Starlit Dance Floor TP-873

Black and White Dance Floor TP-880 (1)

Black and White Dance Floor TP-880

Magnetic LED White Dance Floor

TOP DANCE offers various styles of LED dance floor in white color panels, which are more elegant and classic. The white led dance floors can not only earn good reputation from the neat white panel, but also for the vibrant and colorful led lights that can present various effect like mix colors, solid colors, patterns, starlight and even texts. Moreover, the panel can be splice through magnetic connection which is quick, convenient and time-saving.
Pixel Dance Floor TP-878

Pixel Dance Floor TP-878

Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor TP-877A

Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor TP-877A

Interactive LED Dance Floor TP-876

Interactive LED Dance Floor TP-876

3D Star Dance Floor TP-877B

3D Star Dance Floor TP-877B

White Battery Magnetic Dance Floor

Differ to the white magnetic LED dance floor, the white battery magnetic dance floor contains with the latest technology of the whole LED dance floor industry for the incredibly easy installation without any wired needed. The built-in battery can support for 12 hours using after the full charged of 4 hours. Its supper easy installation method and the fabulous effects making it now the best selling white dance floor of the market.

Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor TP-B877

Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor TP-B877

TP-B878 Battery Digital Dance Floor (1)

Battery Digital Dance Floor TP-B878

Revolutionary and Simple Installation Method

TOP DANCE has been continuously optimizing the installation method of the 3D dance floor, making it faster and simpler. The new design includes 18 built-in magnets, ensuring a more stable connection that is less prone to disconnecting and providing a more stable signal, making it safer to use. Furthermore, the latest battery-powered magnetic version requires no wiring, making installation and lighting effortless.

One-Second Effect Switching

The advanced control system enables flexible control options. The 3D dance floor implements wireless control, in addition to common methods like DMX and computer-based controls. As the first manufacturer to introduce remote-controlled dance floors, TOP DANCE provides all buyers with a worry-free experience of wireless control. With a small remote controller, you can achieve effect switching in just one second.
control method of 3D dance floor

Why Choose Us?

11 Years of LED Dance Floor Manufacturing

Reliable 11 Years Manufacturing Experience

Testing Area of TOP DANCE (3)

Attentive After-Sales Service and Technical Support

TOP DANCE quality control service

Detailed and Strict Quality Inspection

led dance floor one year warranty

Worry-free Three Year Warranty


Is there a black dance floor tile to buy? Can I purchase both black and white dance floor panels?

Yes, we also offer a choice of black dance floor panels that can be spliced together in black and white to form a checkerboard dance floor.

Do you have overseas warehouses that support on-site pickup?

We have warehouse in Los Angeles, if you are interested in our products, you can visit the warehouse and pick up the goods directly, save the shipping cost and customs duty, feel free to contact us for warehouse pickup.

What is the weight capacity of the dance floor?

TOP DANCE’s white dance floor tiles allow for a better load bearing capacity of 600kg, which can even withstand the weight of a car rolling over it.

Can I customize the size of the dance floor?

We have more advanced technology and craftsmanship, provide mature customized service, LED dance floor can achieve 60x60cm size. We have professional cutting machine that can customize the size of acrylic dance floor.

Contact Us

TOP Dance Offering LED dance floors for purchase ONLY,and not provide rental service. Feel free to contact us for more information of LED dance floor, and be happy to assist you.

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