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Interactive LED Dance Floor

Many event planners or people who specialize in event rental business find it challenging to create a more engaging and immersive party experience for their guests. However, there is now a modern, interactive LED dance floor available that can enhance the overall party experience for everyone.

  • Built-in Sensor
  • Great Load Capacity
  • Longevity Dance Floor
  • Easier to Operate

TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor Effects

To present the wonderful effects that attract your guests at the first glance.

TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor Solid Colors

Solid Colors

The TP-876 interactive LED dance floor can present a wide range of colors including red, blue, yellow, purple, green, white and pink, each colors can convey different mood and energy, create a sense of harmony atmosphere of the scene, create a sense of energy and movement, inspiring guests immerse in the rhythms.
TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor Mix RGB Effects

Mix RGB Effects

Mix RGB effects can create a dynamic visual experience, and create a calming or exciting atmosphere. The lights can be programmed to flash rapidly. With its dazzling array of colors and endless creative possibilities, the Mix RGB effect is an exciting tool for exploring and enhancing the LED dance floor.

TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor Interactive Effect

Interactive Effect

With the the pressure-sensitive sensors embedded in the dance floor panel, when you step or move across the dance floor, the colors or effects will change accordingly. This interesting effect create a more immersive experience for every guests involved. And it can add a new level of excitement and engagement to get everybody moving.

Applications of Interactive LED Dance Floors in Various Settings

Interactive LED dance floors are a versatile and attention-grabbing display that can be utilized in a variety of settings, which can not only create a stunning backdrop but also offer a space for entertaining and socializing. Some of our customer use it for wedding rental, the guests stayed longer on it to dance because of the fun interactive effects.

Details You May Want to Know About TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor

Dance Floor Panel

Light weight design of Interactive LED Dance Floor

What’s the Weight and Size of the Interactive LED Dance Floor?

We provide ultra light weight design. The weight of the panel is 8.5 kg. You can easily carry it and install it. And the size of the dance floor is 50x50x7cm, the ultra thin thickness and the size make it easy to transport, assemble and disassemble.
LED dance floor's Tempered Glass Panel and ABS case

What’s the LED Dance Floor Material Do You Use?

The surface of the dance floor is the 10mm tempered glass, which is more durable and solid than the regular glass. It is much stronger and less likely to break or crack.
LED dance floor ABS case

Can the Dance Floor Panel Withstand for Heavy Use?

The case is made by ABS plastic, which has a great durability and impact resistance. And the LED sources is SMD5050 which not only promise the wonderful brightness of the lit up floor, but also have a long service life for 50000 hours.

Dance Floor Parts


Dance Floor Edge

The texture surface provides grip and traction, reducing the risk of slips or falls. The overall material of the edge is made of aluminum, lighter weight, and the magnet connection surface made of iron, to ensure more stable connection.
mainboard of magnetic dance floor

Mainboard Design

For easier maintenance, the mainboard is design to be on the bottom of the dance floor panel. You can directly replace the mainboard and from the bottom instead of disassemble other parts reach to it.
magnetic design of Interactive LED Dance Floor

18 built-in Magnets

With 18 built-in magnets in each panel, TOP DANCE provides better and stable magnet connection than other suppliers with better signal and power supply.

How to light up the TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor?

You can control this interactive led floor with DMX, computer and remote. The signal of the remote can obtain within 50 meters. It means that even the dance is set in a large venue. You can use the remote to control it.

TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor Set Up

How to save more time for LED dance floor installing? This could be the first question that you may want to ask when decide to buy it. TOP DANCE LED dance floor adopts magnetic system, each panel can achieve one-second installation. The installation of 16 x 16 dance floor can be finished within 15 minutes.

A Dependable and Respected Dance Floor Manufacturer You Can Count On

TOP DANCE is always enjoy a good reputation in the dance floor industry. We always ready to provide excellent after-sales service, addressing customer problem and providing LED dance floor solution in a timely and effectively.

TOP DANCE set up a testing area and hire quality inspectors to control the quality of the dance floor. And all dance floor of TOP DANCE are certificated.

Testing-Area (2)

Oversea Warehouse in America and Europe

Overseas warehouse
For customer to pick up the dance floor easily and effectively, TOP DANCE set up the oversea warehouses in both America and Europe. Welcome to visit our warehouse and pick up LED dance floor from our warehouse.

Packing for the Interactive LED Dance Floor

led dance floor packaging (2)
To ensure the dance floor inside is well protected, TOP DANCE provide flight case for LED dance floor packing. Flight case is solid and durable. With the wheels under the case, it’s convenient for you the move it.


“The interactive dance floor is in well-designed, beautiful appearance and wonderful effect.”

“Highly recommended product! My guests are enjoy dancing with the interactive effect.”

“Reliable dance floor supplier, nice quality.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Hard To Broken?

Yes, sure. The surface is tempered glass and it is hard to broken.

What Is the Working Life Time of the Dance Floor in Hours?

The working life time is about 50,000 hours.

What is the Working Life Hours Of The Dance Floor?

We recommend 28x28ft, and it is 256 panels which is good for 200 people.

Can I Control with Dmx?

Yes, you could use dmx to control the dance floor. Need to connect the dmx console with our controller.

How Thick Is Glass on the Panels?

The thickness of the glass is 10mm. Th whole panel thickness is 70mm.

Does the Price Include Freight?

Yes, it includes the shipping cost to the seaport in your country. But you need to do custom and pick up the goods in your port.

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